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Paris Hilton Responds To Critics Over Diaper-Changing Controversy

“While I love a good laugh, I also believe in being real and responsible, especially as a parent.”

Paris Hilton has spent the better part of her adult life in the spotlight, and of course we all know that unfortunately comes with a certain amount of criticism. Something Hilton has always seemed able to casually brush off. But that was before she became a mom. After a recent diaper-changing scene in her series Paris In Love went viral and strangers online started to criticize her parenting, the mom of two decided to “clear the air” and explained that it was actually a joke.

The scene in question in Season 2 of Paris In Love on Peacock, shows Hilton, who welcomed baby boy Phoenix Barron with husband Carter Reum via surrogate in January, changing her baby’s diaper. She appeared to be getting a lesson on how to change diapers from her sister Nicky Hilton and her nanny, noting that she’s “scared” to change a diaper for the first time. “I said I wouldn’t do this on my birthday, but I will for you,” she said to her baby, and as her birthday is a month after her son’s birth, critics had a field day with this viral moment. Which, as it turns out, was just a “joke” for her show.

“Hey there, it’s Paris. Just wanted to clear the air about something. On my show, #ParisInLove, I joked about changing a diaper for the first time, which, let’s be honest, was just me having a bit of fun — as you can see I changed his diaper the night I brought him home,” Hilton wrote in a message on X, formerly Twitter, alongside a video of her discussing her son’s recent diaper change.

“But, in all seriousness, when it comes to being a mom, I’m fully involved and loving every moment of it. It’s interesting how a playful comment can be taken so seriously,” she continued. “Even though this season was the most real, authentic and raw I have ever been with my fans. Sometimes, I play into the whimsical character I portrayed on #TheSimpleLife. It’s a role that’s hard to shake off completely.”

“While I love a good laugh, I also believe in being real and responsible, especially as a parent,” Hilton concluded. “Let’s remember to find the humor in life, but also to cherish and respect the real moments. Thanks for understanding, Happy Holidays and much love to you all!”

This is not the first time Hilton, who is also mom to 4-week-old daughter London with Reum, has responded to critics about her son. When people were unkind about her son’s head after she shared photos with him on Instagram, she noted that “there are some sick people in this world.”

As Hilton told Romper earlier this month, “My narrative and my story has been told by the media for half my life, and I just didn’t want my child being put out into the world without me being in control. You become a mama bear.”