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Paris Hilton Says "Sliving Runs In The Family" In Cute TikTok Of Baby Phoenix Dancing

He’s a “#MiniSliver.”

If Paris Hilton is ready to pass anything on to her baby boy Phoenix, it’s her sliving ability. The mom of two has a reputation of being a trendsetter, a life-liver, a fun-haver. In short, a “sliver,” a term she coined to mean living a successful life to the fullest when she got tired of saying “that’s hot” back in 2020. And in a recent TikTok video of her son Phoenix, it looks like the sliving ability “runs in the family.” As does a love of techno music and club lights.

Hilton, who shares 11-month-old son Phoenix and 2-month-old daughter London with husband Carter Reum, took to TikTok this week to share a video of her baby boy “sliving.” The video saw little Phoenix showing off his dance moves in his baby bouncer, jumping around happily to the tune of his mom’s single with Steve Aoiki “Lighter” as disco lights went off all around him. The video was actually edited from an earlier version of Phoenix dancing to Wham’s “Last Christmas” so don’t worry, Hilton did not set her son up in the middle of a club to dance or anything. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t love it.

“#Sliving runs in the family #MiniSliver," she captioned the video, adding, “When you realize that clubitis is hereditary and your mom is Paris Hilton.”

This isn’t the first time Hilton has taken to social media to show off her son’s dance moves and his inherent ability to be a “Mini Sliver.” She also shared a video in December of Phoenix dancing away happily on a plane by shaking his head and smiling for his mom as she laughed and said “Go Phoenix, go!” He does seem like he’s a super happy baby, so maybe he really is sliving.

Hilton is certainly sliving herself, especially since becoming a mom twice over in 2023. She spoke to Romper about how she has been blessed in her “Mom Era” with two super easy babies. “They are such good babies. They’re on an amazing sleep schedule, eating schedule, so they don’t cry. They’re so happy,” Hilton told Romper in December. “I feel so lucky because all my other friends who have kids are like, ‘I’m up all night. They’re crying all night.’ My babies, they’re just so calm, so chill.”

Not to mention little slivers who are ready to dance with their mom at the drop of a hat. She truly is blessed.