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Paris Hilton Wore A Prosthetic Baby Bump Around The House Before Her Babies Were Born

“I know that sounds crazy, but I wanted it to feel real — even in just this small way.”

by Kaitlin Kimont

Paris Hilton has said that her life “is finally complete” after welcoming her two children via surrogacy and is now sharing more candid details about how that journey felt for her. In a bonus chapter from her book, Paris: The Memoir, obtained by TODAY.com ahead of its release next month, Hilton revealed the lengths she went to to help her feel more connected to her surrogates’ pregnancies with her son Phoenix and daughter London.

“The dream was to have a girl and a boy, born separately but at the same time, so they’d grow up as twins,” she wrote in the bonus chapter, per TODAY.com, adding that it was a “miracle” that her “angel surrogates” both had successful pregnancies. “All those months of injections and the crazy-making hormones — it was all worth it.”

Hilton went on to admit that she was “afraid to breathe” during her surrogates’ pregnancies and, due to all the nerves, said that she “felt kinda pregnant” at the time. “It was like keeping your eye on two little baby birds in a nest — so fragile, so precious, and completely out of our hand.”

While she experienced all of the emotions and anxiety of expecting her babies, who she shares with her husband Carter Reum, Hilton revealed in her book that she tried wearing a fake baby bump to actually feel what it was like to be pregnant.

“I wanted to know what it felt like to be pregnant, so I bought a prosthetic stomach and wore it around the house for the day,” she shared in the bonus chapter. “I know that sounds crazy, but I wanted it to feel real — even in just this small way. Feeling that weight on the front of me, running my hands over it, envisioning a whole life in front of us.”

Hilton ultimately decided to keep the news of her surrogates’ pregnancies a secret until her babies were born. Her son Phoenix was born in January 2023 and welcomed her baby girl, daughter London, months later in November. In the unreleased chapter of her memoir, Hilton shared that that she came to the realization that it “didn’t matter that no one else could see that I was expecting.”

“My emotional baby bump was real, it was precious,” she wrote, “and I was so completely happy to know it was exactly where it needed to be, growing warmer and bigger every day.”

Indeed, speaking to Romper in December, Hilton said she’s beyond happy now that her “cutesy crew” is complete and is fully in her “Mom Era.” And, now, there’s no other place she’d rather be than home with her kids. “I used to look at my friends who’d be like, ‘Oh, I have to go home to my kids and my husband,’ like, ‘You’re so lame. This is so fun. I can’t imagine being like that,’” she said. “Now I’m one of those boring people, and I couldn’t be happier. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.”