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10 Baby Names From Party Down That Would Go Great With A Tiny Pink Bow Tie

If you'd like to name your baby after a character from the TV show Party Down, who's going to stop you?


Adam Scott stars as Henry, and, well there's not a lot to say about this ultra-popular name that hasn't already been said. It's a classic for a reason, and you can’t go wrong with Henry.



A gender-neutral name meaning “brave in battle,” and Lizzy Caplan’s character on Party Down. I guess catering in Hollywood is a “battle” of sorts, so maybe this is the perfect name for a Party Down employee.



A “virtue” name, Constance is vintage-y and sort of sweet. Naming your baby after a Party Down character is questionable, much like just about every word that come out of Constance’s mouth on the show.



50% of Megan Mullally’s lines in Party Down open with something about her daughter Escapade’s Hollywood aspirations, and it’s never not funny. The name itself is so perfect. I dare you to name your baby Escapade.


On the hunt for husband #2, or working to land an acting job for her daughter, Lydia is hilarious and played by Megan Mullally. The name itself is an ancient one, a classic choice for a baby girl.



Bobbie St. Brown, a Party Down employee, is played by Jennifer Coolidge, so she's obviously one of the best parts of the show. She comes to work on mushrooms and yells about being in a “purple tube of consciousness.” Plus, Bobbie is a cute, gender-neutral name.


Ken Marino plays Ronald “Ron” Wayne Donald as no other could, and while the name Ken is surely about to have a moment thanks to the Barbie movie, we can't look away from a name like Ronald Donald.



The himbo of Party Down, Kyle is an aspiring actor, lead singer of Karma Rocket and — most of all — Roman's nemesis / best friend. Of Gaelic origin, Kyle is a classic, simple baby name for either a boy or girl.

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Jennifer Garner joined Season 3 of Party Down, kinda-sorta in Lizzy Caplan’s place, and her character has an actually-lovely baby name — Evie! It's been shooting up the popularity charts, but it’s not in the top 100 just yet.


Wait — Kristen Bell is in Party Down?! Yes, and she plays the head of Valhalla Catering, Party Down’s catering biz nemesis, and eventually becomes Adam Scott's girlfriend. Uda is a short, cool name meaning “wealthy.”

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