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'Peppa Pig' is airing a wedding special in March 2024.

Orlando Bloom & Katy Perry Star In 3-Part Peppa Pig Wedding Special

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are lending their voices to the special, and are scoring some major points with their toddler.

Peppa Pig might be a small child, but she is certainly not immune to the fun and allure of a wedding. Peppa Pig, starring everyone’s favorite sassy little pig, has a three-part wedding special coming out soon, and two big celebrities are going to be a part of the festivities.

Hasbro recently announced a new three-part wedding special, Peppa Pig Wedding Week, that will kick off on Nickelodeon at 9 a.m. ET/PT on March 25 and run through March 28 in celebration of Peppa Pig’s 20th anniversary, if you can believe it.

The three-part series will feature young Peppa and her family helping her teacher prepare Mr. Bull for his upcoming wedding to Mrs. Cow. Whether or not they plan to do a Cow-Bull hyphenate or keep their own names is not clear, but we do know this much at least. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are lending their voices to the wedding special, as jeweler Mr. Raccoon and dressmaker Ms. Leopard respectively.

“Peppa is so relatable and warm, and her stories teach lessons of good values and integrity that I am modeling for my daughter,” Perry said in a statement shared with Romper. “It feels like a warm cup of tea all the time! How could I say no? Peppa is an icon, and I thought I should give my KatyCats the collab they’ve been asking for! …Plus whatever makes me cool with my toddler is what I’m into these days!”

The couple are both featured in the trailer for the new three-part special, where all of our favorite Peppa Pig characters are on high alert to make sure the wedding comes together without a hitch.

We know at least one little girl who will be watching the three-part Peppa Pig wedding special. Bloom and Perry’s 3-year-old daughter Daisy. In fact, she could well have been the driving force behind Bloom’s decision to voice a character on the series. “The fact that I get to be Mr. Raccoon and I can run around the kitchen pretending to be Mr. Raccoon when she’s watching it, she will just be so delighted,” Bloom said in a statement.

You can watch the new Peppa Pig wedding special like little Daisy Bloom on Nickelodeon or stream it with a Netflix, Apple TV, or Prime Video subscription.