Family group at Balmoral, Scotland, showing the Queen, Prince Charles and Princess Anne on a garden ...
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20 Photos Of King Charles With Queen Elizabeth

Two monarchs together.

When Queen Elizabeth died in September at the age of 96 years old, life changed immediately for her oldest son. Prince Charles became King Charles III, and he went from becoming the heir apparent to the throne to the sitting monarch. While King Charles prepares for his official coronation in May 2023, now seems like a good time to remember that Queen Elizabeth was more than his monarch. She was his “darling mama,” the woman who gave birth to him more than 70 years ago.

King Charles and Queen Elizabeth were said to have a rather complicated relationship through the years. She was his mother, yes, but she took her role as sovereign and servant to the British people very seriously. Which meant that her four children often found themselves without their mother or father, the late Prince Philip, as the two worked in their capacity as senior royals.

Still, there is plenty of photographic evidence that Queen Elizabeth and King Charles found their own little common bonds to keep them close. A shared sense of humor, a common legacy, and perhaps above all, a love for each other from those first moments together to their last.

A Prince Is Born

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When Queen Elizabeth gave birth to her oldest child Prince Charles in November 1948, she was still a princess. A princess who looked totally in love with her baby prince.

Two Peas In A Pod

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Queen Elizabeth and King Charles looked so alike in this sweet photo from 1950. Plus look at his hair.

Proud Big Brother

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King Charles was not yet 2 years old when he became a big brother to Princess Anne, and he did not look to be overly bothered by sharing his mom’s attention with his baby sister.

A 4-Year-Old Heir Apparent

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Sadly, Queen Elizabeth’s father King George VI died in 1952, making her Queen at just 26 years of age. And making her 4-year-old son heir apparent at a very young age himself.

Must Love Dogs

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One way King Charles could have bonded with his mother; through her legendary love of dogs.

Laughing Monarchs

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At a Mills Circus performance in 1958, both Queen Elizabeth and King Charles were having a heck of a laugh.

All The King’s Horses

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Queen Elizabeth took her son riding with her at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Yet another way to get straight to her heart is through her love of horses.

The King Meets Churchill

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The first Prime Minister to work alongside Queen Elizabeth was the legendary Winston Churchill, and she introduced him to the future King of England. So he really got to double dip, monarch-wise.

Outdoorsy Like Mama

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King Charles has always loved the outdoors like his mom Queen Elizabeth.

Look Who’s In The Front Seat Now

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As the oldest of four, King Charles got to take the front seat on a family drive to Sandringham for Christmas in 1966.

Becoming The Prince of Wales

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Queen Elizabeth officially crowned her son the Prince of Wales in 1969, and he looked super fancy.

Getting That Wave Down Pat

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The royal wave is an important part of being a monarch, and Queen Elizabeth showed King Charles how it’s done during the 20th anniversary of her reign in 1972.

Her Three Sons

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Queen Elizabeth was the cool mom in 1976, taking in the Montreal Olympics with her three sons.

Kiss The Hand

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Prince Charles was a swinging bachelor when he kissed his mother’s hand in 1980.

Darling Mama-In-Law

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King Charles made Queen Elizabeth a darling mama-in-law in 1981 when he married Princess Diana.

Look, Mama, I’m A Polo Player


Some of the most relaxed moments between King Charles and Queen Elizabeth happened at his polo matches. Who knew?

Best In Balmoral

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King Charles and Queen Elizabeth looked to be having the best time together in Scotland.

A New Branch On The Family Tree

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Prince William’s birth in 1982 meant a new branch on the royal family tree, and his grandmother and father looked terribly proud.

Enjoying A Royal Tipple


King Charles and Queen Elizabeth both look so relaxed while enjoying a birthday toast in 1998.

Laughing Til The End

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Through their struggles and tragedies, through children and siblings and new spouses and everything else, Queen Elizabeth and King Charles always found a way to laugh together.

King Charles is currently preparing to settle in as the new monarch now that his mother is gone. But he’s also a man just mourning his mother. A woman who made him laugh, made him think... and made him king.