Princess Charlotte joined her parents at the Commonwealth Games.
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10 Adorable Photos Of Princess Charlotte At Her First Solo Outing With Her Parents

It was a middle child’s dream come true!

Prince George isn’t the only royal kid getting special solo outings with his parents these days. Sure, the 9-year-old future king was first out of the gate earlier this year, joining his parents at Wimbledon. But it was finally his 7-year-old sister Princess Charlotte’s turn to hang out with her parents on her own. On Tuesday, she joined her parents on the sidelines at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, looking adorable in a striped dress and braids while also sort of grown up with her cool composure and confidence. Princess Charlotte clearly contains multitudes.

Kate Middleton and Prince William made a swim meet at the Commonwealth Games a family affair, bringing their only daughter with them to join the Earl and Countess of Wessex and their two children, Lady Louise and James, Viscount Severn. This was a big first for Princess Charlotte, and it sure looked like she was happy for the chance to enjoy a royal outing without keeping a weather eye out for shenanigans from her 4-year-old brother Prince Louis.

This time around, Princess Charlotte was the star of the show. And it was a middle child’s dream come true.

Just Like Dad

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Check out Princess Charlotte’s posture while watching aspiring young athletes at the Commonwealth Games. She and dad Prince William both lean forward with their elbows and their knees. I don’t even think they realize it, which makes it cuter.

Showing Mom What’s What

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Princess Charlotte seems to love to give direction, and having mom Kate Middleton to herself so she could chat and point things out and have her undivided attention was obviously a dream come true.

“Isn’t It Great When It’s Just Us, Guys?”

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I could be wrong, but I think Princess Charlotte wasn’t missing her brothers one bit during her royal outing. She sat between her parents with her arms around them, soaking up all of those only child vibes. If only for a moment.

She’s Into It

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Princess Charlotte was an enthusiastic audience member, and that little face of hers is so expressive. Too bad the swimmers couldn’t see it under water.

Getting A Cuddle From Dad

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Prince William looked to be enjoying his day with his little girl, and the two of them even enjoyed a little snuggle on the sidelines. Melting hearts around the world.

Sharing A Laugh With Mom

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It seems Kate Middleton is secretly very funny based solely on this photo of her cracking her daughter up at the Commonwealth Games.

Giving Dad The Thumbs Up

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Princess Charlotte gave dad Prince William the thumbs up at the swim meet. She really was out there living her best life.

Having A “Nap” On Mom

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Do kids everywhere pretend to sleep on their parents? I think so. Especially after seeing this photo of Princess Charlotte clearly looking like she’s faking a nap on her mom. It’s just fun, who can blame her.

“Me? The Center Of The Universe? OK!”

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Greeting a royal fan at the Commonwealth Games, Princess Charlotte was peak middle child. Basking in the glow of all the attention, her father fondly patting her on the head. Dream come true for this kid.

Making Faces For The Commonwealth

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Princess Charlotte is the child of a thousand faces, and here it looks like she’s doing some facial exercises to keep her face nice and stretchy.

Now that we’ve seen Princess Charlotte triumph at her first solo outing with her parents, we can only hope that these become more and more common. Because we just can’t get enough of the future Princess Royal. Always entertaining, and always having the time of her life. Especially when she gets the limelight all to herself.