Diana, Princess of Wales with son Prince William, prepare for a cycling trip in Tresco during their ...
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20 Great Photos Of Princess Diana Embracing Her Sporty Side

Riding bikes with Prince William, riding on a jet ski with Prince Harry... these photos are *chef’s kiss.*

Listen, we all love to see a royal in a tiara. It’s the fantasy we’ve signed up for as royal watchers who might just pay close attention to every move the House of Windsor makes. But do you know what is oddly even more satisfying than all the pomp and circumstance? Seeing a woman who was arguably the most glamorous of all the royals ride a bike. Or go skiing. Or prepare to play tennis. These sporty photos of Princess Diana having the time of her life are the inspirational content we all need right now. Especially when she was having a blast with her kids in tow.

Princess Diana was a real sporty kind of gal before her untimely death in a car crash in Paris in 1997. She was an accomplished dancer, even joining professional dancer Wayne Sleep at the Royal Opera House to perform a choreographed number to Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” for Prince Charles in 1984. She was also a fan of skiing, much like many other members of the royal family, and taking her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, for bike rides while on holiday together. All of these outdoor, sporty events make for great photos. As you’re about to see.

Tennis, Anyone?

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In 1988, Princess Diana geared up for a doubles match with Steffi Graf at the Vanderbilt Racquet Club in London.

Cycling With Her Boys

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During a family trip to Tresco, in the Scilly Islands, Princess Diana enjoyed a nice little bike ride with her son William in 1991.

Race Against Time

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Princess Diana joined other moms at Prince William’s school, Wetherby Pre-Prepatory School, in a foot race in 1989. It looks like she’s winning... and bare foot.

Hitting The Slopes With The Boys

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Prince William and Prince Harry hung out with their cool mom Princess Diana on the slopes of Lech, Austria in 1994.

Riding The Waves


During a holiday on the island of Nevis in 1993, Princess Diana didn’t just go for a gentle swim... she rode those waves like a champ.

Girls Ski Trip

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Princess Diana enjoyed a girls’ ski holiday in Klosters, Switzerland with sister-in-law Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, in 1988.

On A Jet Ski

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Prince Harry was the coolest 12-year-old around when he and his mom took out a jet ski during a holiday in 1997 off the coast of the south of France.

Teaching A King To Ride

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Princess Diana took the reins when teaching Prince William how to ride his pony in 1986, but she also kept it casual and sporty.

Not Afraid To Get Dirty

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Princess Diana took little Prince Harry to the banks of the River Dee at Balmoral to let him do some exploring, and she didn’t look too concerned about getting dirty in 1987.

Making Time For Fun

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Princess Diana didn’t just stand by to watch her sons ski during a holiday in Lech, Austria. She made time to ski with them. And they look so excited to be with her.

Pulling Off Bike Shorts


Princess Diana made bike shorts look cool leaving the Chelsea Harbour Club in London in 1995.

Ahoy Matey

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Full disclosure; Princess Diana was not steering the nuclear submarine HMS Trafalgar in this photo, but she wore a fun sailing hat and a rain coat and looked like a true boat woman.

Sideline Support

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Princess Diana kept it casual when she and Prince Harry showed up to cheer on Prince Charles during a polo match at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor in 1988.

Picking Up Pétanque

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During a 1988 visit to an elder care home in Thailand, Princess Diana took up a little pétanque. Which is basically like bocce ball or lawn bowling and looks like a blast.

Compassion In Sports

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Who looks more casual, or more compassionate, than Princess Diana as she visits with landmine victims after a volleyball game in Zenica? No one.

Always. Be. Bowling.

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Who knew that the Princess of Wales was a bowler? Here she is in 1991 trying her hand at a little bowling at the Glasgow Centre for the Deaf. Look at that concentration.

In The Swim Of Things

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Prince Harry and Prince William got in some laidback beach time with their mom on Necker Island, and she looked ready for a swim.

The Cool Mum

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Princess Diana kept up with her sons’ annual Sports Day when she could, this time racing the other mothers in 1991 at Wetherby.

Lending A Pole

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In 1991, Princess Diana helped Prince Harry learn to ski on the slopes of Lech, Austria.

Where It All Started

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Before she was Princess Diana, she was Lady Diana Spencer. Pushing her little brother on a swing in the yard at the family’s home in Sandringham, a happy smile on her 6-year-old face. Looking like she’s just glad to be outside. Playing.