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Turn on these potty training episodes of kids shows to motivate your child.
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11 Kids’ Shows With Great Potty Training Episodes

Turn these shows on to motivate your little one.

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Potty training can be one of the most (if not the single most) frustrating parts of toddlerhood. It’s a huge milestone, and there are so many schools of thought about how best to approach the transition from wearing diapers to using the toilet. There are a number of potty training hacks to try when you reach a plateau — some may work and some may not — but watching kids shows with potty training episodes is a super simple way to help motivate your kiddo.

From potty training apps to smart watch timers and potty training songs to stream, technology can certainly help give you a leg up on the potty training front. But when it comes down to it, the thing that successful potty training really depends on is your child’s willingness to use the toilet. What better way is there to get encouragement than from their favorite TV show characters? Think of it as a teaching tool.

Especially if they’re upset over accidents, seeing a relatable potty training scene on TV can help ease the stress of it all for little kids. Yes, it’s more screen time, but letting your potty training child watch Elmo or Daniel Tiger learn how to go can actually be helpful for them. Here’s a look at some popular kids shows with potty training episodes and where to stream them so you can pick your kid’s favorite and give it a try.


Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: “Prince Wednesday Goes To The Potty/Daniel Goes To The Potty”

Singing along with the catchy “When You Have To Go Potty, Stop And Go Right Away” from the first half of this Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood episode can definitely help your potty training kiddo see why it’s totally OK to stop playing and use the bathroom when they need to. In the second half of the episode, while Daniel and his dad are at Music Man Stan’s shop, Daniel learns that he doesn’t have to wait until he’s home to use the restroom. The fact that bathrooms are everywhere and not just at home is such an important lesson to model for little ones and likely one you really don’t think about until the topic comes up.

Watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’s “Prince Wednesday Goes To The Potty/Daniel Goes To The Pottyand other episodes on PBS Kids and YouTube.


Word Party by The Jim Jenson Company: Learning To Go To The Potty!

In Word Party’s potty episode, Frannie has to stop playing outside to use the potty and her buddy, Bailey, encourages her by chanting, “We’re listening to our bodies and going to the potty,” all the way to the restroom indoors. When they get there, Frannie realizes the potty which used to be in the living now has been removed because she’s graduated to using the toilet in the restroom, and also reminds Bailey that she needs privacy, so Baily should wait outside while Frannie handles her business. It reminds kids that it’s important to listen to their bodies when it tells them it’s time to relieve themselves and introduces the concept of privacy in one adorable episode.

Watch Word Party’s Learning to Go to the Potty and other episodes on Netflix and YouTube.


Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: “Daniel Doesn’t Want To Go Potty/Daniel Sits On The Potty”

One of the hardest things to get across to kids who are learning to use the toilet is why it’s important to try to go before you head out of the house, even if they don’t necessarily feel like they need to go. In this episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Daniel’s mom helps him learn this important lesson before they leave to meet Katerina for lunch. The second half of the show is all about Daniel’s tummy hurting when he needs to go potty. Even though he doesn’t want to stop playing, he takes his time and sits on the potty so his tummy will feel better.

Watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’s “Daniel Doesn’t Want To Go Potty/Daniel Sits On The Pottyand other episodes on PBS Kids and YouTube.


Sesame Street: “Elmo’s Potty Time”

I will forever sing the praises of a now completely worn out DVD copy of “Elmo’s Potty Time” that got my youngest through his potty training days. The main idea of this Elmo-centric special Sesame Street episode is that if Elmo can use the potty, your kid can, too. Sure, I still hum the lyrics to “Accidents Happen” anytime our dog doesn’t get let outside in time, but having this particular show play on repeat for several months when potty training got hard was well worth it. (And honestly, the song “It’s Potty Time” is pretty dang catchy.)

Watch Sesame Street’s “Elmo’s Potty Timeon Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Google Play.


Special Agent Oso: “The Sitter Who Watched Me/Potty Royale”

On the Disney Junior series Special Agent Oso, the second half of the episode titled “The Sitter Who Watched Me/Potty Royale” is all about using the potty. Special Agent Oso visits a little boy who wants to go to preschool so he can be just like his big brother. But, he has to learn how to use the potty by himself before he can. This is a conundrum so many parents and potty training kids face as they enter the preschool years, so it can be really helpful to see it modeled on screen to ease any fears or concerns.

Watch Special Agent Oso’s “The Sitter Who Watched Me/Potty Royaleand other episodes on Disney+, Google Play, and Amazon Prime.


Peppa Pig: “Potty Training”

Part of what makes Peppa Pig a show that can hold a little kid’s attention is that each full episode is broken up into much smaller segments. Though it’s not a full episode, part of a recent 2021 airing of the show on Nick Jr. (titled “Health Check/Potty Training/Jelly/The Tractor/The Petting Farm”) included a storyline all about George learning how to use the potty. This is a great episode to watch with the whole family if you have older siblings who might want to help out when you’re potty training their little brother or sister.

Stream Peppa Pig’s “Potty Training” on YouTube.


Dinosaur Train:Laura the Gigantosaurus/Dinosaur Poop”

In the episode of Dinosaur Train titled “Laura the Gigantosaurus/Dinosaur Poop,” Buddy and Tiny learn the simple fact of life that everyone poops. Not only do they come to accept that this is something everyone does, they also learn about how poop can be used to determine whether the dinosaur ate plans, meat, or a combination of both. The show introduces a really kid-friendly way to talk about digestion and bring up poop in a way that’s more scientific than giggle-inducing. (Though there will definitely be giggles, too!)

Watch Dinosaur Train’s “Laura the Gigantosaurus/Dinosaur Poopand other episodes on PBS, YouTube, and Apple TV.


Peg + Cat: “The Potty Problem/The Butter Problem”

Peg + Cat is such an adorable kids show, and this potty training episode really takes the cake. Big Mouth is visiting from another planet and has zero clue that using the potty is something that you have to do on Earth. After accidents ensue, Peg and Cat have to teach Big Mouth how to use the potty. The episode really reinforces the fact that accidents happen, it’s nothing to get upset over, and you can always try again to use the potty the next time.

Watch Peg + Cat’s “The Potty Problem/The Butter Problemand other episodes on PBS Kids, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime.


CoComelon: “Potty Training Song”

Do CoComelon singalong clips count as episodes? Maybe it’s a reach, but if your toddler is hooked on a show based solely on nursery rhymes and refuses to watch anything else, playing this snippet from the show can definitely help with potty training. In Season 1, Episode 22, J.J. is ready to use the potty and the song lyrics he sings with his whole family about the process are so encouraging for little kids. From “Sit on the potty and it will be great!” all the way through to “I went to the potty, hooray for me!” your little one will love singing along and learning all about using the potty.

Watch CoComelon’s “Potty Training Songand other episodes on YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.


Little Baby Bum: “Potty Song”

Little Baby Bum also has a singalong song to help your toddler learn how to use the potty. The video features an adorable little panda who is learning how to use the toilet set to a sweet nursery rhyme tune. The Little Baby Bum Potty Song is perfect for parents who want to reinforce the idea that accidents will 100% happen, but want to help keep their kiddo encouraged and calm throughout the learning process.

Watch Little Baby Bum’s “Potty Song” and other episodes on YouTube.


Wonder Pets: “Save the Swan!/Save the Puppy!”

In the second half of the Wonder Pets episode “Save the Swan!/Save the Puppy!” (Season 1, episode 8) the Wonder Pets help a puppy learn to use his doggy door to go outside to potty. Now, does this mean your toddler will want to learn how to use the potty outdoors? Possibly. But lucky for you, most toddler potties are pretty portable. But honestly, the lesson here is that when you need to go, you have to go where you’re supposed to go. For puppies, that means through the doggie door, but for people, it means head to the toilet.

Watch Wonder Pets “Save the Swan!/Save the Puppy!” and other episodes on Paramount+ and YouTube.

Make screen time into a useful teaching tool with these potty training episodes. They’ll make a potentially stressful time into something that’s almost fun.

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