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It's Official: Bindi Irwin Is A Maternity Jeans Convert

And she just might wear them forever.

Now here is a celebrity endorsements all moms should be able to get behind; in a recent Instagram post, Bindi Irwin admitted she wants to wear maternity jeans forever now that she's experienced the comfortv . And moms all over her social media feed were basically like, OK if you insist, don't mind if I do.

Irwin and her husband Chandler Powell are expecting their first child, a baby girl, some time in the next few months. While they have yet to share their specific due date, Irwin noted in an October post featuring her baby bump that she was "getting close to the halfway point and I think our Australia Zoo animal family is excited to meet our daughter next year."

Now that she's in her second trimester, the first time expectant mom is apparently seeking out some new fashion options to grow with her changing body. Namely maternity jeans. For anyone out there who has not experienced the quiet bliss of maternity jeans, they look like regular jeans but have a stretchy pouch in the hips and belly area to expand with your body. Much like Irwin's beloved kangaroos have pouches, I imagine. They are the perfect option for a pregnant lady who needs a break from leggings, in my opinion.

And Bindi Irwin is a fan,98 too. As she wrote on Instagram, "Now that I know the comforts of maternity jeans, I don’t think I’ll ever be able go back. Any other mamas out there that can relate?"

Bindi Irwin is all about those maternity jeans.

Yes Bindi Irwin, there are other mamas who can definitely relate. As one mom responded, "My kids are 9 and 3 and I still on occasion wear some of my old ones." Another mom wrote, "I still wear my maternity pants and I haven’t been pregnant since 2016."

In the photo on Instagram, Irwin is wearing maternity jeans with buttons and stretch material at the hips, so just imagine how excited she will be when she tries on a pair that are all stretch through the belly. That's when the love affair can really begin.

The young expectant mom is lucky enough to have a great support system in place as she gets ready to welcome her baby girl. Her mom Sue Irwin, her brother Robert, her husband Chandler Powell, the staff and animals at the Australia Zoo. And now maternity jeans that will keep on supporting her long after she gives birth if she wants. There is no time limit, after all. As other moms are more than happy to tell her.