Chrissy Teigen Shares A Nude Bathroom Selfie
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Pregnant Chrissy Teigen Wrapped Her Bump With Acid Reflux Tape In Nude Selfie

And it’s got a lot of pregnant moms wondering about her belly tape.

Chrissy Teigen definitely loves a selfie. She is, after all, a gorgeous model and social media maven. But the reason she shared a nude bathroom selfie with her bump on full display is pretty surprising. While some might assume Teigen is just trying to show off her bod or be too sexy, the expectant mom actually bared her skin to share some helpful pregnancy tips and her personal cure for acid reflux.

The Cravings author recently hopped on social media to post a bunch of Instagram Stories. Among some pictures of her son’s latest injury, a few funny TikTok videos, and her tasty-looking banana bread, the pregnant mom also shared her selfie in the buff. Teigen’s face is not even seen in the picture and the focus is on her belly and the black tape stretched across the bump. “Thank you @doctorberlin for my acid reflux tape (it works!!???) and for being my main man for many years! And for watching barbarian with me,” Teigen wrote over the photo.

The doctor shouted out by Teigen is Dr. Elliot Berlin, a prenatal focused chiropractor and filmmaker, who hosts the Informed Pregnancy podcast. The show talks to mothers both before and after their births to get the very different perspectives of pregnant women before labor and postpartum.

Chrissy Teigen poses for a bathroom selfie with her belly tape.Instagram/Chrissy Teigen

Although Teigen’s body-baring can definitely spark a conversation, many who saw the photo were more curious about her belly tape. The popular baby and parenting brand Frida (touted by a postpartum Katy Perry) sells its own Pregnancy Belly Tape for Pain + Strain Relief meant to give mamas “customizable relief for the round ligament, neck, shoulder and back pain that comes with carrying a human around for nine months.”

Expectant moms who are dealing with indigestion, heartburn, rib and diaphragm pain can learn more about using kinesiology tape to support those bellies, by checking out this YouTube video from CHIRO FOR MOMS, a Minnesota Chiropractic office that specializes in women’s and children’s bodies. “During pregnancy, the diaphragm and ribs get shoved upward in order to make room for a growing baby and belly,” their website explains. The tape aims to offer uncomfortable moms-to-be some relief by providing support for the belly, promoting lymphatic drainage, and decreasing inflammation.

Teigen also updated fans on her 4-year-old son Mile’s official first injury and boo-boo milestone. “Well I had always predicted a broken arm first but stitches inched in as Miles’ first official accident,” Teigen wrote over a photo of her second child with a small gauze bandage on his forehead.

Chrissy Teigen’s son Miles gets stitches for the first time.Instagram/Chrissy Teigen

The Lip Sync Battle star also shares 6-year-old Luna with husband and singer John Legend. The couple have been spending fun holiday time with their kids while joyfully preparing for their rainbow baby.

With mama and son both tending to their aches at the same time, hopefully they can enjoy some snuggles together and maybe partake in Teigen’s famous banana bread.