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Prince George's Favorite Food Is Now Also My Favorite Food

Those royal kids and their discerning palates

The royal kids really know how to eat. Prince George's favorite food, for example, is a classic pasta dish that might not be the usual kids' fare of noodles with butter, but man if you've ever tried it... delicioso.

The 7-year-old son of Prince William and Kate Middleton apparently really loves a good pasta carbonara, according to celebrity chef Aldo Zilli. According to The Daily Mail, Prince William had a chat with Zilli as the two were working together to help the youth charitable organization Centrepoint and shared his son's secret favorite meal. "[William's] amazing. I'm waiting for the call because apparently his little boy's favorite is spaghetti carbonara, so I'm waiting for the call to go and cook it for him," Zilli told The Daily Mail.

Spaghetti carbonara is a classic Roman dish made of egg, hard cheese like Pecorino, black pepper and cured pork. The secret to spaghetti carbonara must be in the way it is cooked, because Zilli went on to tell the newspaper that, "If George has my carbonara, he will never have another one, so I need to go and make it, let's get the ball rolling, send me to the palace to cook!"

Now that Prince George is 7 years old, I guess he's giving up on the silly foods of his youth. I blame his school Thomas's Battersea in London, because their daily menu includes dishes like "chicken and chorizo jambalaya or pepper crusted salmon with garlic chickpeas to lentil and carrot soup with garlic dough balls," according to their website. How can dino nuggets compare?

Prince George loves a good pasta.

Prince George is not alone in his love of Italian food in the royal household. In 2018, Middleton admitted that her kids, including 5-year-old Princess Charlotte and 2-year-old Prince Louis, are big fans of getting messy in the kitchen making homemade pizza with her, and they also have the usual affinity for cheesy pasta shared by most kids. Fortunately for the busy mom who called her kids "bottomless pits" during quarantine in July, pasta can be cooked in great quantities.

Sure, pasta carbonara might be a bit more upscale than the usual spaghetti favored by kids, but at least it's seriously delicious. If I were Kate Middleton, I would take Chef Zilli up on his offer and invite him over to cook pasta for Prince George. And then never let him leave.