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Prince George Might Go To A Boarding School Where His Siblings Can Join Him

The co-ed schools says “children’s happiness and their ability to recognise what will make them happy are more important than anything else.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William are looking at several options for their 10-year-old son Prince George when he heads off to secondary school in a few years. The parents of three have done a tour of Prince William’s own alma mater, the prestigious all-boys boarding school of Eton College, but it looks as though they might be considering a different school as well. A school his younger siblings could potentially attend with him when they’re older.

The Prince and Princess of Wales have reportedly taken a look at £47,000-a-year St. Edward’s, or “Teddies” as it’s often known in the UK, in Oxford, according to the Daily Mail. St. Edward’s is a co-educational boarding and day school that is known for fostering its pupils’ passions and interests. It sits on 100 acres in the north of Oxford and welcomes students from 40 countries outside of the UK, which would make for an interesting and enlightening experience for the future king of England.

While it’s unclear when exactly the couple visited, particularly since Kate Middleton recently underwent abdominal surgery and is recovering at Adelaide Cottage, it seems likely that they would have found St. Edward’s attractive for Prince George as he could attend the co-ed school with both of his siblings. Which would not be possible at Eton College, the prep school Prince William attended with his brother Prince Harry, because it is an all-boys school.

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Prince George currently attends Lambrook School with 8-year-old Princess Charlotte and 5-year-old Prince Louis, where he is busy studying to sit for his entrance exams. He will not be going to prep school until he turns 13, but is expected to sit for his exams this coming September and his parents are expected to make a decision on which school he might attend.

If they decide to send Prince George to “Teddies,” it will be a real departure for the royal family. While the school is certainly prestigious, it also focuses on a spirit of inclusion for students. “There must be opportunity for all to take part and for all to excel,” the school’s website reads. “Children’s happiness and their ability to recognise what will make them happy are more important than anything else.”

It sounds like a lovely school for Prince George and indeed, anyone else who can afford to attend.