Kate Middleton will be homeschooling her kids again.
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Kate Middleton Will Be Homeschooling Her Kids Again

And Prince Louis will have to wait for nursery school.

What was it that Al Pacino said in Godfather 3 again? "Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in." I can sort of imagine this is exactly what Kate Middleton is muttering to herself now that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are back to homeschooling. Sure, it doesn't exactly seem like something the mom of three would say, but I bet even the unflappable Duchess of Cambridge had a moment where she was at least like, ugh are you kidding me?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson initiated a third national lockdown for the United Kingdom which got underway this week after coronavirus numbers continued to rise in recent weeks. Hospitals are seeing 40% more patients with COVID-19 this time around, and there has been a second variant of the virus discovered in the United Kingdom that appears to be more viral than the first. This had the Prime Minister issuing stay-at-home orders that included schools for the foreseeable future. As the BBC reported, Johnson would not even say whether or not school would be back in before summer although he is full of "optimism" about spring.

This announcement means parents are back to homeschooling, including Kate Middleton. She and her husband Prince William abandoned their initial plans to head back to Kensington Palace in London after the holidays and are instead sheltering in place at their country home of Anmer Hall in Norfolk County with their three children. Which means they, like millions of other families in the United Kingdom, are preparing for another round of homeschooling instead of heading back to Thomas's Battersea School in London.

Kate Middleton will be homeschooling her kids again.

Middleton is naturally already something of a dab hand at homeschooling. Back in May 2020 she was surprisingly candid talking about her experience doing school work with 7-year-old Prince George and 5-year-old Princess Charlotte, telling This Morning that her son was a bit jealous of his sister's homework since it was more fun. This time around, Middleton might have to incorporate a little learning time with 2-year-old son Prince Louis, who might have been heading off to nursery school this month if he followed in the footsteps of his older siblings. Which means the busy mom could be juggling three schedules in lockdown.

Still, Middleton reportedly has a pretty solid nighttime routine tailor-made for de-stressing; online shopping and watching YouTube makeup tutorials after the kids go to bed.

She will need those more than ever now, I suspect.