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Prince George, Princess Charlotte, & Prince Louis Sometimes Forget About Their Pet

Prince William picks up the slack.

So here’s a serious drawback to that parental urge to give in to your children’s desperate pleas for a pet: Sometimes one of those pets gets forgotten. And this means that you, much like Prince William, will be the one to pick up the slack when it comes to caring for said forgotten pet. This is in fact exactly what happened when his own royal kids forgot about their pet guinea pig. The Prince of Wales, future King of England, has now taken on the responsibility so dreaded by parents and classroom volunteers everywhere: Cleaning up the guinea pig cage.

Prince William recently visited Woodgate Valley Urban Farm in Birmingham for a royal event when he was introduced to a sweet little guinea pig named Snowflake. When Prince William, who is dad to 10-year-old Prince George, 8-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 6-year-old Prince Louis, was handed the guinea pig, his whole demeanor changed. “Hello!” he cooed to the guinea pig in a video shared by Victoria Ward on Twitter, “Oh my gosh!”

Ward went on to note on Twitter that the father of three “said he was so happy stroking Snowflake the guinea pig at Woodgate Valley Urban Farm, just outside Birmingham, that he didn’t want to leave. He revealed that his kids always forget to clean out their own guinea pig, leaving him to do it.”

In all fairness to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, they do have a fair amount of pets to look after. Their cocker spaniel Orla, recently adopted from mom Kate Middleton’s brother James, and a whole slew of animals they keep at their country home of Anmer Hall. In fact, Prince George has been tasked with keeping all of the farm animals fed while they are at the royal residence, at least according to mom Kate Middleton, so it seems only fair that one of his siblings might take over feeding the guinea pig.

No word from Prince William on the name of this royal rodent, but it certainly sounds as though he’s comfortable picking up the slack. In fact, I might even go so far as to say he might enjoy taking care of said guinea pig, just based off his reaction to Snowflake sitting on his lap. Honesty, it’s probably good for Prince William to take on a chore. Especially with a cute and cuddly little guinea pig who might appreciate it.