Britain's Prince George of Wales (L), Britain's Prince Louis of Wales (C) and Mia Tindall (R) arrive...

Viral Video Shows Prince George & Prince Louis Having A Cute Brother Moment On Christmas

He got a kick out of his new teddy bear.

Now that Prince George is 10 years old, he is getting to the age where it can be difficult to know what he likes. Is he too old for some toys and too young for others? Well, we know one thing for sure after he joined his family for the annual Christmas walk from Sandringham Estate to church services on Christmas Day. He’s not above getting a kick out of a teddy bear.

Prince George joined his parents Prince William and Kate Middleton for the walk to St. Mary Magdalene’s Church on Christmas morning, where royal well-wishers lined the walk to share holiday greetings and flowers with the royal family. And teddy bears, apparently. As seen in a viral video, Prince George, who has done this walk several times now, was given a cute teddy bear wearing a sweater and then brought it over to his 5-year-old brother Prince Louis to show him what he had received. Little Prince Louis was already carrying a gift of his own, while their 8-year-old sister Princess Charlotte had her arms full of flowers she’d been gifted. Not a bad haul for a walk to church.

As the oldest sibling and future king, Prince George could be forgiven for not being terribly interested in things like teddy bears at his age. So it was something of a comfort to see him smiling and showing off his new bear to his little brother Prince Louis. “Good to know the future king likes a teddy bear as much as the rest of us,” one royal fan commented on the video. “Ha ha I have a teddy bear and you haven’t,” another joked.

The siblings looked to be getting into the spirit of the holidays this year, comfortably walking alongside their Tindall cousins among all of the royal fans. It probably helps that they’ve been able to join their parents at several royal functions this season, including their mom Kate Middleton’s annual Christmas carol sing as well as volunteering at a toy drive and helping pick out presents for other children. At both functions, it was Prince Louis who looked to be having some silly fun. Chaotically folding clothes, blowing out his sister’s candle at the carol service, that kind of thing.

Which was why it was lovely to see Prince George have a nice moment with his teddy bear. A reminder that yes, he is going to be king one day. But for now, he is still just a little boy who is excited to show off a teddy bear to his little brother.