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Prince Louis Was A Little Gentleman Dressed In Adorable Blue Shorts On Easter Sunday

It’s official: Prince Louis is the one who wears the shorts in this family now.

Prince Louis looked all grown up when he joined the rest of the royal family on Sunday for Easter services at St. George’s Church. After seeing Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 4-year-old son go a little wild at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee last June, this new version of Prince Louis was considerably more sedate. Calmer. Perhaps this is a harbinger for what we can expect to see from the young royal at his grandfather’s coronation in May. A well-mannered little boy who does not dance in his seat or act silly. Or maybe he just hadn’t gotten into the Easter chocolate yet.

Prince Louis experienced his first official outing for Easter alongside the rest of the royal family on Sunday, the first in his grandfather’s reign as King Charles. As is his family’s custom, he matched his parents and two older siblings, 9-year-old Prince George and 7-year-old Princess Charlotte, by wearing blue. In his case, bright blue shorts along with a suit jacket and tie, while his sister Princess Charlotte wore a long coat and floral dress and older brother Prince George wore a navy suit. Full length pants too. Because I guess now Prince Louis is the one who wears the shorts in this family.

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As the youngest of the royal children, Prince Louis tends to be the one to watch for hilarious outtakes and bursts of personality at official outings. Much like his uncle Prince Harry, who royal photographer Arthur Edwards has said was very much like Prince Louis as a child. “George is like William because William was very shy,” Edwards recently told People. “Louis is like Harry … I don’t know if you saw him at the Jubilee, but he was the star of the show.”

Is it a coincidence that both Prince Louis and Prince Harry are the youngest siblings in their family? I don’t think so. They were both born to be sassy.

While the rest of the world finds Prince Louis’ sass charming, no one can blame his parents for trying to curb things a little bit ahead of King Charles’ coronation in May. Perhaps Prince Louis can burn off his energy by running around at home as is his wont. Even if he’s calmer as he was on Easter Sunday, that little personality will still shine through. He can’t help it.