Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (L) and Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, visit...

Prince William Got Hilariously Worried As Kate Middleton Held & Cooed Over A Cute Baby

“Don’t take her with you.”

Prince William might not be too interested in having another baby, but Kate Middleton? Hard to say. Especially when there’s a sweet little baby to be held, as there was on a recent royal visit to Clitheroe Community Hospital. The mom of three was busy cooing over a little girl while Prince William looked a little concerned about how much his wife was enjoying her time with the baby. Jokingly concerned, presumably.

The baby in question was Anastasia Barrie, daughter of Trudi and Alastair Barrie. The family was on hand along with other families to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who were visiting the rural Lancashire hospital to talk to health staff dealing with the struggles of the coronavirus pandemic. Middleton took hold of baby Anastasia, who looked quite peaceful and happy in her arms (she is a mom of three, after all, so not exactly a novice at holding babies), while the rest of people in the room all went “aww” at the sight of them. Except Prince William, who pointed at the crowd and said “Don’t give my wife any more ideas!”

The couple currently have their hands pretty full raising 8-year-old Prince George, 6-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 3-year-old Prince Louis, but still. Prince William doesn’t want anyone giving his wife “ideas” just in case she might be thinking that another little royal baby would be lovely. He even jokingly warned Middleton “don’t take her with you” as she handed Anastasia back to her mother. Prince William certainly seemed to enjoy his little dad joke; in the video shared on Twitter, he had a pretty big grin the whole time.

Middleton herself admitted in 2019 when she saw a baby boy during a royal tour of Ireland that she might want another baby. “He's a very sweet little boy. It makes me very broody.” When the baby’s dad jokingly asked if she might want a fourth, she replied, “I think William might be slightly worried.”

To be fair to Prince William, it sounds like they have a pretty nice set up as it is these days. A fun bedtime routine where he fixes her a cocktail after the kids are asleep and she winds down with YouTube makeup tutorials and online shopping. Why mess with a good system, right?