Prince William had the cutest reaction to a little boy who didn't recognize him.
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Prince William Adorably Jokes With Little Boy Who Doesn't Recognize Him

According to one little Brit, Prince William now goes by “the government.”

When Prince William becomes King of England someday, his face will presumably be featured on bank notes across the United Kingdom. Perhaps at that point he will be universally recognizable, even to small children. Because as it stands now, some little kids have no idea what he looks like. At least one little boy didn’t know who he was when Prince William walked through the crowds during a coronation event for King Charles. Fortunately for the little boy, the Prince of Wales thought it was pretty funny and went along with it and the whole moment was pretty adorable.

Prince William greeted crowds in Windsor during the coronation event in May alongside his 8-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte, stopping to shake hands with royal watchers and say hello. In a video shared by @the.royal.watcher TikTok account, one little boy in the crowd had just one hilarious question for the dad of three.

“How long until we are able to see Prince William?” Princess Charlotte smiled as her dad winked at the crowd and said to the little boy, “We don’t know where he is! Have you seen him yet? Where do you think he is?” The Prince of Wales then pointed to the left and asked the little boy, “Did he go that way? He might come along in a minute, we’ll see if he’s there.”

As the adults laughed, Prince William leaned in and said, “Do you know what my name is?”

“Uh... the government?” the young boy answered while the adults and Prince William laughed. This kid had timing.

Prince William said that he was not the government but admitted, “I look like the government, do I? You dress like this, we all do.”

Finally he told him, “My name’s William too,” and the little boy figured it out. He called out, “You’re Prince William? That’s Prince William, Mummy!”

Much like his mom Princess Diana, Prince William always seems to thrive in situations where he is being treated as a “normal” person. Like when he took a phone reservation for a restaurant during a royal visit. Or chatting with a little boy about his artwork and promising to put it on his fridge before giving him a cuddle.

Maybe he just wants to be a regular guy sometimes. Or go incognito as his new identity, “the government.”