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Prince William Took Lunch Reservations For A Restaurant On The Phone

Give the guy a job.

Prince William secretly wants a job. Like a real salt of the earth kind of job. That has to be the reason he picked up a phone to take a reservation at a restaurant during a recent royal visit. It’s not like someone passed him the phone and said, “Here, you get this and while you’re at it stock up the napkins.” He chose to answer the phone to take a lunch reservation. And what’s more, he was pretty good at it. Which could tell us that he’s subtly putting out feelers for a job just in case this whole king thing doesn’t work out.

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton were visiting the restaurant the Indian Streatery in Birmingham on Thursday when the phone rang and he just reached out to help himself. He answered the phone as Middleton watched him laughing, and at first he didn’t seem to be taking it very seriously. Like when he had to ask a staff member standing close by what street the restaurant was on. Classic giveaway that he came unprepared.

Once he figured out where they were, he set about his business. “Do we have a seat for two?” he asked a woman who appeared to be the manager.

“Half two? In about an hour? Does that work for you?” the future King of England asked the caller, checking his watch. That wouldn’t work so he negotiated, Middleton watching him and looking like she was ready to take over if needed. Eventually he and the caller decided that 2:15 would work best for two people as they were preparing to catch the 3 o’clock train. After he hung up the phone, the dad of three looked ready to celebrate his successful exchange. Although to be fair, no one offered him a job so who could say it was successful.

To be fair, this is not really Prince William’s first foray into the work world. In the early years of his marriage he was an air ambulance pilot, which is a pretty big deal. He and Middleton went toe-to-toe in a cocktail mixing contest recently, although she won that round. And he has planted ceremonial trees, although he didn’t really appear to put as much energy into that job. Maybe because his wife was heckling him at the time.

Ultimately, Prince William is living a very visible life as heir to the throne. So no wonder he got such a charge out of being an anonymous person taking a reservation on a phone. I hope they give him a job.