Princess Diana bought a hilarious cake for Prince William's birthday.
Laurent SOLA/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

Princess Diana Got Prince William A Boob Cake For His 13th Birthday

His face went red when he saw it.

Prince William celebrated his 41st birthday on June 21 and will presumably be celebrating the big day with his wife Kate Middleton and their three children, 9-year-old Prince George, 8-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 5-year-old Prince Louis. No doubt there will be little presents and even a birthday cake. A nice, regular birthday cake. Not one in the shape of boobs like the one his mother Princess Diana had apparently made for him when he was a teenager.

According to formal royal chef Darren McGrady, Princess Diana was something of a prankster with her two sons before her untimely death in a car crash in Paris in 1997. He told Hello! magazine that Princess Diana really ratcheted up the pranks for Prince William’s 13th birthday by choosing a cake that was probably a royal no-no. McGrady told the magazine that he arrived that day in the royal kitchen and had a look in the refrigerator where he found Diana’s silly gift chilling. “I came into work that morning and went down to the refrigerator, opened the door and I was just confronted with the biggest pair of boobs I’ve ever seen in my life,” McGrady told Hello!

A cake in the shape of boobs, to be precise, purchased by Princess Diana for her oldest son. “The Princess loved embarrassing people in the nicest way, in a fun way, whether it was telling a dirty, risqué joke — which usually got me,” McGrady explained before sharing the future king’s response. “William just went bright red.” His younger brother Prince Harry had a different feeling about the cake; McGrady told the magazine that the Duke of Sussex loved it and even asked for one for his own birthday.

Now that Prince William is a dad himself, will he be carrying on the boobs cake tradition with his own children once they become teenagers? Something tells me Kate Middleton might have a thing or two to say about that.

While Prince William might have been embarrassed by his mother’s cake choice at 13, he probably has a very different feeling about it now. Especially since she died just two years later, leaving him and his brother without a mom during their formative years. A mom who they both remember with absolute adoration. As he said during a 2021 speech about his own grief, “There is comfort in remembering. In acknowledging that, while taken horribly soon, they lived. They changed our lives. They were loved, and they are loved.”

Hopefully he takes a moment today to remember that cake and the mother who loved to tease him.