Ryan Reynolds & Jessie James Decker Mix Up A “Quick & Painless” Vasectomy Cocktail

“Sweet like an outpatient gesture of love.”

As Father’s Day comes around the corner, Ryan Reynolds and Jessie James Decker have paired up to celebrate the holiday with a special cocktail. A “Vasectomy” cocktail, no less, which is a drink that Decker in particular holds near and dear to her heart.

“It’s Father’s Day, and you know what that means. It’s time for another ‘Vasectomy,’ something my husband has refused to get. So today I’m taking matters into my own hands,” Decker says in an ad for Reynolds’ Aviation American Gin brand. “The special ingredient for this year’s ‘Vasectomy’ is Reluctance,” Reynolds captioned the video.

Decker says in the ad that she has been trying to get her husband Eric Decker to get a vasectomy for some time. The country singer has given birth to three children, 8-year-old Vivianne, 7-year-old Eric Jr., and 4-year-old Forrest, and she admitted in January that she was “done” having kids. But her husband “refuses to make it permanent” by making an appointment to get a vasectomy, according to the singer. It’s been a longstanding theme with the couple, as the retired NFL wide receiver previously said that “a little power [is] being taken” by getting vasectomy. And now, his wife is making a special cocktail for Father’s Day to help things along.

As Decker points out, this is not the original Vasectomy cocktail. Nick Cannon, father of 12, hilariously promoted the first Vasectomy cocktail last year. This time around, she filled a tall glass with ice that is “probably more than enough ice to soothe your ‘tender areas,’ after what I’m told is a pretty quick and painless procedure,” Decker quipped. “I mean it’s not like giving birth.”

Next she added cranberry juice that was “sweet like an outpatient gesture of love.” You get the idea. She finished the cocktail with some gin, tonic, Betty Buzz (which is Reynolds’ wife Blake Lively’s brand of mixers) and an orange peel garnish that she snipped rather viciously. “Looks like there’s at least one husband is looking out for his better half,” Decker quipped.

“So good, and so easy,” Decker said after tasting her cocktail. The 35-year-old singer’s husband then joined her at the end of the video to try the Vasectomy (the cocktail, not the procedure) with a laugh, and dad of four Reynolds came buzzing through to say, “You know those don’t actually work right? Like, at all.” Decker whispered to her husband, “Don’t listen to him. They work.”

On Instagram, Reynolds described the vasectomy cocktail as “quick, painless, and delicious.” He added, “Thank you @jessiejamesdecker and I guess… @ericdecker?” As for Eric Decker, he joked on Instagram, “Definitely not naming any future kids Ryan.”

We’ll have to wait until next year to see if the Deckers’ Vasectomy worked. Nick Cannon was a dad of four when he promoted the drink. Now he’s a dad of 12.