Screenshot of Lord Farquaad in 'Shrek.'

This Dark Detail In Shrek Totally Went Over Our Heads & Lord Farquaad Is Pure Evil

Mama Bear? Is that you?

It’s official. Lord Farquaad is truly the most heinous of all the animated villains out there. We thought it was bad enough when the Shrek villain was threatening to eat Gingy, the gingerbread cookie, to get information out of him, planning to wash him down with a glass of milk, no less. But this new detail unearthed by TikTok’s favorite “movie detective” truly seals the deal. No one is worse than Lord Farquaad.

Ivan Mars, who boasts over 2.8 million followers on TikTok, recently looked back at the 2001 movie Shrek and unearthed a detail that he said took him 23 years to take in. Mars shared a clip from the beginning of the film that shows the fairy tale creatures being rounded up by Lord Farquaad’s henchmen, including Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear all locked up in cages. He goes on to share a clip from later in the film where “we see only Papa Bear and his son crying.”

Why are they crying, you ask? And where is Mama Bear?

Brace yourself because you might not be ready for it. Because Mars then cuts to a scene in Lord Farquaad’s chambers, where he is in bed, drinking a martini, talking to the Magic Mirror. Decorating the floor of his bedroom is... a bear skin rug. Wearing the same pink bow Mama Bear was seen wearing earlier.


“Lord Farquaad is really the worst villain...” Mars wrote at the end of the disturbing video and he’ll get no argument here.

Really, no one could believe their eyes. “Dang I watched Shrek a million times and didn’t notice,” wrote one person, while another added, “That’s messed up.”

“I could’ve lived the rest of my life without knowing this,” one more said.

Mostly, everyone agreed with this person who wrote, “Whyyyy you have ruin that for me?”

Shrek really became the benchmark for animated movies that both kids and adults could enjoy for its subtle nods and Easter eggs hidden throughout the movie. Like the fact that the dragon has a cookbook for how best to get the “choice cuts” of the knights she was eating, per Ranker, or the painting in Lord Farquaad’s room where his princess bride is faceless as he is still making his decision. All funny little nods for adults watching the movie, but poor Mama Bear becoming a rug might be the darkest detail yet.

Dark though it may be, this detail does not stop us from wanting more and more Shrek. As much as we can get, in fact. While we wait for details on whether or not Shrek 5 will ever really happen, now is the perfect time to watch Shrek on Netflix and pour over every little detail. You might even find a new one yourself.