Boss Baby Gets Mistaken For An Elf & Sent To The North Pole In New Christmas Special

Move over Scrooge. Romper has the exclusive first look at The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus.

It’s Boss Baby’s first Christmas, and of course in his classic curmudgeonly fashion, he’s just not having it. Even when everyone in the Templeton family is getting psyched about getting their ho-ho-ho’s on and celebrating the holiday traditions, Boss Baby cannot be bothered. So big brother Tim pulls out all the Christmas stops when he takes his stubborn sibling to the mall on Christmas Eve to have a sit-down with Santa.

In Romper’s exclusive look at the trailer for the new holiday special, The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus, it’s time for the Templetons to get in the car and make their way to the mall for holiday pictures with the jolly Big Man. Boss Baby throws his winter hat off in protest and literally has to be dragged on the floor by his little ankles inside the shiny shopping center. Even Santa gets a pretty chilly reception as Boss Baby sits on his lap with his arms folded defiantly across his chest.

“Ron,” Boss Baby offers his steely greeting. Apparently these two have some interesting history as Boss Baby is on a first name basis with Saint Nick.

While Santa is able to get a few smiles out of the micro-Scrooge with some strategic tickles, all is not hunky-dory this holiday, as Boss Baby is mistaken for an elf and magically whisked off to the North Pole where the real drama begins. Boss Baby is not exactly vibing with the elves and wants to catch the next sleigh ride back home. But things take a jingling turn for the better, when he taps into his entrepreneurial genius and is revved up to make toy production run like a well-oiled machine.

“This is Christmas future....all sales final,” says Boss Baby. Sure, he might have to roll an elf across the table to get the job done, but at least he’s getting into the Christmas Spirit on his own terms. “Boom! Efficiency!” Boss Baby exclaims as he triumphs in the North Pole.

Check out Romper’s exclusive clip below!

Fans of The Boss Baby: Family Business and The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib will be pumped to see Boss Baby back at it again with his green power suit and matching tie. The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus is the perfect pick for families looking to ditch the saccharine holiday specials for a funny and brazen take on Christmas straight from an infant who can probably teach you a thing or two about economics. Plus some experts even recommend running your family like a business. But if that parenting theory is a little too extreme, maybe Baby Boss will inspire your little tycoon to earn some of his own Christmas spending money and take that first step to becoming a mini mogul too.

The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus premieres on Dec. 6 on Netflix.