Garfield as a baby and Jon Arbuckle in 'The Garfield Movie'
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You'll Recognize A Ton Of Celeb Voices In The Garfield Movie

Including Samuel L. Jackson

by Kaitlin Kimont and Jen McGuire

Garfield is coming back to the big screen for the first time in nearly 20 years, and fans of the lasagna-loving cat all know that it’s all about the voice with this guy. Without that particular blend of sarcasm, sweetness, humor, and irritation, who would Garfield be other than just an orange cat? So naturally we need to get the inside scoop on The Garfield Movie’s cast of voice actors and all of the characters, and they truly do not disappoint.

The last time Garfield was on the big screen, he was voiced by none other than the legendary Bill Murray for both the 2004 film Garfield: The Movie and the 2006 sequel Garfield: Tale of Two Kitties (although this gem went straight to DVD). These were not exclusively animated features but instead live-action movies with a digital Garfield causing mayhem and eating all the lasagna.

This time around, The Garfield Movie sees our Monday-hating pal reunited with his long lost dad and following him out into the wild on a heist, with Odie hot on his heels. And poor sweet Jon wondering what in the world happened. Here’s a look at who’s voicing who on this new adventure.

Chris Pratt voices Garfield

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Guardians of the Galaxy’s Chris Pratt voices Garfield in The Garfield Movie, a role he took with three people specifically in mind. His 11-year-old son Jack with ex-wife Anna Faris along with his two daughters, 3-year-old Lydia and 2-year-old Eloise, with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger. “I had a screening and my son saw the movie, loved it, and my girls have not seen it yet,” he told E! News about his new role as Garfield. “But I’m gonna show them both together. It’ll probably be Eloise's first movie.” It’s always nice to be able to show off for your kids.

Samuel L. Jackson voices Vic

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Samuel L. Jackson joins The Garfield Movie cast to voice Vic, Garfield’s dad. Vic might be excited to reunite with his son, but it looks like he might be up to no good. Because he wants Garfield and sweet, sweet Odie to join him on a heist that involves leaving the house and train-jumping. Neither of which are really in Garfield’s wheelhouse. And their adventures are about to introduce them to a whole host of new characters.

Hannah Waddingham voices Jinx

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Ted Lasso’s Hannah Waddingham brings her dulcet tones to The Garfield Movie as Jinx, a villainous cat Garfield, Odie, and Vic come across as they attempt their heist. She has a real jinxy kind of look to her, so you know she’s up to no good.

Ving Rhames voices Otto

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So here’s the problem with leaving your cozy home and your incredible set-up with Jon providing everything you need all day, every day; you never know who you’ll run into. Otto the bull, voiced by Pulp Fiction’s Ving Rhames, is a perfect example of the kind of danger a lazy cat can get into. Garfield is definitely not up to dealing with this guy.

Nicholas Hoult voices Jon Arbuckle

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The real heart of The Garfield Movie could well be Jon Arbuckle, voiced by The Menu’s Nicholas Hoult. We see him meet his new best friend Garfield and the two of them bond, but then he somehow gets left behind while Garfield goes off on his scary adventure. Will it be lasagna for one from now on for Jon? We hope not.

Cecily Strong voices Marge

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Do you know what happens when a domesticated cat and dog go missing? Sometimes animal control gets involved. Which is where Saturday Night Live’s Cecily Strong comes in. She voices Marge, a particularly dedicated animal control officer, and she is going to spell trouble just based off her gritted teeth smile alone.

Snoop Dogg voices Snoop Cat

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Snoop Dogg, who is actually a grandfather now, voices a blue Maine Coon named Snoop Cat in a wild turn of events in The Garfield Movie. A chill cat who has been picked up by animal control (presumably one of Marge’s conquests) who Garfield meets along the way. This cat has a cool eye patch and lots of wisdom to impart, as all Snoops do.

Brett Goldstein voices Roland

DNEG Animation/Sony Pictures

Another Ted Lasso alum, Brett Goldstein (aka Roy Kent) voices a big Shar Pei called Roland, who happens to be working as one of Jinx’s henchman. Sort of like movie imitating television, because Goldstein has already played one of Waddingham’s employees before. Just not a dog.

Bowen Yang voices Nolan

DNEG Animation/Sony Pictures

Saturday Night Live’s Bowen Yang voices Jinx’s other henchman, a small Whippet called Nolan. He looks to have lots of energy and wild eyes, proving that size doesn’t always matter when it comes to henchmen.

Janelle James voices Olivia

DNEG Animation/Sony Pictures

Abbott Elementary’s Janelle James brings her humor to the voice of Olivia, a green cat who looks as though she has seen better days. She looks to be another prisoner in animal control, and we’re not sure if we want her to escape or not. At least until she’s vaccinated or something, that fur is looking rough.

Now obviously, we would never forget Odie here. He is a perpetual sweetheart and stalwart friend. But ultimately, Odie is kinda voiced by Harvey Guillan, as he just grunts and stuff as usual. Not that we are judging him ever, it’s just how things always go with Odie.

The Garfield Movie premieres in theaters across the country on Friday, May 24.