Golden Girls board book
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Down The Road And Back Again: A Golden Girls Board Book Is Coming

Everyone's favorite girls are having a sleepover, and you and your kids are invited.

Thank you for being a friend, and thank you to the masterminds behind a brand new Golden Girls board book coming in June 2022 — The Golden Girls: Goodnight Girls. We already have children’s books of other favorite TV shows, like The Office and Parks & Recreation, but this Golden Girls board book holds a special place in my heart. (Especially since we just lost Betty White.)

The best part is that the book takes some key episodes and turns them into sweet illustrations and a storyline, rather than just a totally new, made-up plot. The cover is reminiscent of the episode where the heater went out at the house and first Dorothy, then Blanche, and finally Rose all piled into the massive bed with Sophia because she had a heated blanket. And why it was so cold in Miami that they were freezing because the heat went out, I never understood, but no matter. That episode is classic, with Dorothy of course being disgruntled and calling Rose and Blanche Moe and Larry like the Three Stooges when they can’t just pick a spot to lay down, Sophia farting “because it’s her own bed and she can do whatever the hell she wants,” and Rose’s epic prayer to God, who speaks to her and says, “Now shut up and go back to bed.” And Dorothy says it wasn’t her who said that, so Blanche is definitely in trouble now.

But this Golden Girls board book story is even better and cuter, as it’s geared toward children. Per the description, the girls are having a sleepover together and they’re having too much fun to go to sleep. And of course as “Ma” tries to get the girls to slow down and go to sleep, they have to enjoy some cheesecake in the kitchen (duh), try on their dress-up clothes, sing and dance (is another Golden Girls tap dancing routine going to happen here?), and even say goodnight to “their friends Stan and Miles.”

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And of course, they drift off to sleep together listening to one of Sophia’s Sicily stories. Because of course they do. There are even Easter eggs throughout the book, and nods to favorite gags throughout the series, much to the all the grownups’ delight. But kids will love the whimsical art and charm of the book itself. Plus who wouldn’t fall in love with the Golden Girls, whether in book form or the TV show?

So be sure to grab your copy of the Golden Girls: Goodnight, Girls board book on June 28, 2022, for only $8.99. And I’m sure the author Samantha Brooke and illustrator Jen Taylor will thank you for being a friend.