Tiffany Haddish had eight miscarriages.
David Livingston/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Tiffany Haddish Shares She's Had 8 Miscarriages

“Like a wounded animal, I just rather go in a cave by myself. Lick my wounds.”

Tiffany Haddish recently experienced a miscarriage. Her eighth miscarriage, in fact. In an emotional interview with The Washington Post, the 43-year-old actress and comedian opened up about the fertility struggles she kept private for years.

The Afterparty star explained that she has “a uterus shaped like a heart” and “it just won’t keep anything in.” After her most recent miscarriage, Haddish recalled admitting to a nurse that this was not her first. “Well I’m going to be honest with you, this would be my eighth [miscarriage],” she recalled. Haddish has not shared her miscarriages with many people, she told the publication, because she didn’t “want people saying: ‘Are you okay? Are you alright?’ Like a wounded animal, I just rather go in a cave by myself. Lick my wounds.”

Haddish, who recently dated rapper Common before the two separated in 2021, has opened up in the past about potentially adopting a child. She even took parenting classes to prepare for raising a child. “I’m taking parent classes now to adopt,” Haddish told E! News’ Daily Pop in 2021, adding that she was interested in adopting an older child at the time rather than a baby. “I’m looking at, you know, five and up — really, like, seven. I want them to be able to know how to use the restroom on their own and talk. I want them to know that I put in the work and I wanted them.”

Haddish went on to tell The Washington Post that she still isn’t exactly sure how she feels about motherhood, particularly after her own childhood growing up in foster care, even suffering abuse at the hands of adults. She also admitted that she worries about her busy schedule, wondering if her child would be spending more time with nannies than she would like. It’s a tough decision, not made any easier by her past miscarriages.

But the actress is nothing if not resilient. She has turned her own personal tragedies into a stellar comedy career, and she continues to look for a family situation that works best for her. In 2018, she talked about the possibility of dating a man with children, telling People, “If somebody comes along and he’s amazing, the kids are amazing, then maybe. But from my experience, it’s usually the kids are really amazing and then I end up liking the kid more than I like them.”