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Jason Kelce’s Daughters Have Their Uncle Trav “Wrapped Around Their Fingers”

“They have their Uncle Trav wrapped around their fingers.”

When you think of the Kelce family, you might be inclined to think of some strong male energy. Jason Kelce playing center for the Philadelphia Eagles, Travis Kelce playing tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. Two big men playing big sports with other big men, it doesn’t get more macho than that. But it turns out, when it comes to spending time with these big guys, there are three little girls who are calling all the shots. Jason Kelce’s three daughters, who have the men in their family “wrapped around their fingers” according to dad Ed Kelce.

Jason and his wife Kylie Kelce are parents to 4-year-old daughter Wyatt, 2-year-old daughter Elliotte, and 1-year-old daughter Bennett. And their grandpa Ed Kelce admitted in an interview with Australia’s TODAY show that these little girls are absolutely adored by the men in their family.

“It all revolves around the girls, the granddaughters, as you can imagine,” Ed Kelce said. “Who have, not surprisingly, both their grandfathers and their father wrapped around their fingers. They can do whatever they want. And they have their Uncle Trav wrapped around their fingers when he shows up.”

Certainly “Uncle Trav,” as the three girls call him, has made it clear in the past that he thinks the world of his littLe nieces. In January, a source close to Kelce told People, “Travis is a great uncle. He loves spending time with his nieces. They try to do typical family stuff.” He had a sweet moment with his niece Wyatt during taping of New Heights, the podcast he hosts with brother Jason, when she crashed the podcast to show her uncle her new gymnastics leotard. “Look at you!” he said when he saw her, with Wyatt replying “Hi Uncle Trav!”

“What’s up girly? How are you doing?” he asked, and they just smiled at each other like the adorable best friends they clearly are. Travis Kelce’s role as adoring uncle surely sits well with his girlfriend and everyone’s favorite aunt Taylor Swift, who has been known to dote on the children of her celebrity friends like Blake Lively, Sophie Turner, and Gigi Hadid.