Trolls Band Together
Trolls Band Together Has A Truly Stacked Voice Cast

You’ll definitely recognize the celebs behind the characters.

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Trolls Band Together is one of those movies that actually, genuinely, ticks a lot of boxes for several generations. Kids, obviously, because the DreamWorks animated movie, the third in the Trolls franchise, is bound to be a hit with kids who already love the characters. Music lovers, because the songs in the Trolls movies always manage to be bona fide bops. And this time around, we cannot discount the NSYNC of it all. Because they are the band who are banding together, and while little kids will really not have any clue why the voice actors behind the characters are such a big deal, ‘90s kids will know for sure.

Trolls Band Together already premiered in theaters, but it will finally be able to stream on Peacock on March 15, 2024. What’s more, a sing-along version of Trolls Band Together is also coming to Peacock the same day. So before the new movie is streaming constantly in homes across the country, we thought we would give parents a behind-the-scenes look at who will be voicing the many characters in the movie.

Sure, we all know Queen Poppy (Anna Kendrick) is back, and we know Branch (Justin Timberlake) will be on hand as well. But Trolls Band Together sees Poppy make a discovery about Branch. He was part of a once-famous boy band with his brothers. And now she is on a mission to get them all back together. Get them in sync, if you will.

Here’s a look at all the characters and the celeb voices behind them.

Anna Kendrick as Queen Poppy

Steve Granitz/Getty Images / Dreamworks

Anna Kendrick returns to voice Queen Poppy for the third time in Trolls Band Together. The Pitch Perfect star is still dating Branch in the movie and oh yes, she’s still a queen of the Pop Trolls with perfect pitch. So that all tracks.

Justin Timberlake as Branch

Jens Kalaene/Getty Images/Dreamworks

Justin Timberlake is back as Branch, the survivalist Pop Troll who is ready to commit to his longtime lady love Poppy. But it turns out, much like Timberlake himself, Branch was once part of a boy band. While Branch’s boy band were all brothers, Timberlake’s NSYNC bandmates were not. The band parted ways in 2004, and nearly 20 years later, they’ve returned to create new music for Trolls Band Together.

Camila Cabello as Viva

Manny Hernandez/Getty Images/Dreamworks

Camilla Cabello, herself a singer who was once in a band herself called Fifth Harmony, joins the cast as Poppy’s long-lost older sister Viva. The Cinderella star’s character is actually leading a sub-tribe of Trolls herself, so we’re pretty sure there will be some tension there.

Eric Andre as John Dory

JOCE/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images/Dreamworks

Comedian Eric Andre voices John Dory, Branch’s older brother and the leader of the now-defunct boy band, BroZone. Andre is perhaps best known for The Eric Andre Show, the popular comedy series which has been running on Adult Swim since 2012.

Amy Schumer as Velvet

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images/Dreamworks

Amy Schumer voices Velvet, one of the main villains in Trolls Band Together. She and her brother Veneer live on Mount Rageous, and she is definitely the one calling the shots with her brother. Schumer is herself a mom, to 4-year-old son Gene with husband Chris Fischer, so we bet she’ll be taking him to see this movie.

Andrew Rannells as Veneer

Rob Kim/Getty Images /Dreamworks

Andrew Rannells voices Velvet’s brother Veneer, a less assertive villain than his sister but a villain nonetheless. Rannells has acted on series like Black Monday, Girls5Eva, and History of the World Part II, and in movies like A Simple Plan and Bachelorette.

Troye Sivan as Floyd

Bravo/Getty Images/Dreamworks

Boy Erased star Troye Sivan voices Floyd, another one of Branch’s four brothers who has been kidnapped and needs to be rescued. Floyd was also a member of BroZone, and Poppy and Branch go on a journey to find him.

Daveed Diggs as Spruce

Lia Toby/Getty Images/Dreamworks

Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs voices Spruce, another one of Branch’s brothers and of course, yet another member of BroZone. Diggs most recently voiced Sebastian for the live-action version of The Little Mermaid, so you know to expect good things.

Kid Cudi as Clay

Theo Wargo/Getty Images/Dreamworks

Award-winning rapper Kid Cudi rounds out the long list of Branch’s brothers by voicing Clay, the final former member of BroZone. Kid Cudi has made a name for himself with his soundtracks for movies and television, so we know Clay is going to bust out some tunes for us.

Zosia Mamet as Crimp

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images/Dreamworks

Zosia Mamet’s character Crimp has one of the worst jobs in Trolls Band Together. The Girls star’s Crimp is assistant to Velvet and Veneer, and there’s no way those two aren’t super demanding.

Zooey Deschanel as Bridget

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images /Dreamworks

Bridget, voiced by New Girl star Zooey Deschanel, is described as a “scullery maid.” Deschanel is a world-class actress and singer, with movies like Elf and Yes Man as well as several albums as part of indie duo She & Him under her belt. So we suspect there’s more to Bridget’s story than simply “scullery maid.”

Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Gristle Jr.

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images/Dreamworks

Superbad’s Christopher Mintz-Plasse, aka McLovin, voices Gristle Jr., the king of the Bergens and Bridget's fiancé (we knew there was more to Bridget). Mintz-Plasse has worked with Anna Kendrick on Pitch Perfect before, so hopefully they enjoyed a nice little reunion.

RuPaul Charles as Miss Maxine

Charles Sykes/Getty Images/Dreamworks

The wedding of Bridget and Gristle Jr. is officiated in Trolls Band Together by Miss Maxine, voiced by none other than RuPaul’s Drag Race host and overall icon RuPaul. What can we say? We would go to that wedding for sure.

Aino Jawo as Satin

Dave Benett/Getty Images/Dreamworks

Aino Jawo returns to voice Satin in Trolls Band Together. Satin is best known as a fashionista who spends all her time with twin sister Chenille, and has been in both of the other Trolls movies as well.

Caroline Hjelt as Chenille

Dave Benett/Getty Images/Dreamworks

Where would Satin be without her Troll-twin Chenille, voiced by Caroline Hjelt? In big trouble because they are joined by their hair. The two have been singing their way through all of the Trolls movies, and they’re not about to stop now.

Kenan Thompson as Tiny Diamond

Evans Vestal Ward/Getty Images/Dreamworks

Saturday Night Live star Kenan Thompson voices Tiny Diamond, a baby glittery Hip-Hop Troll with an attitude and son of Guy Diamond. The Good Burger actor has always brought his incredible sense of humor to his roles, and we don’t expect any different this time around.

Anderson Paak as Prince D

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images /Dreamworks

Musician Anderson Paak voices Prince D, one of two Funk Prince Trolls along with his brother Cooper. Paak is known for his work on soundtracks as well, so there will be more amazing music coming from him.

Kunal Nayyar as Guy Diamond

Juanito Aguil/WireImage / Dreamworks

Kunal Nayyar, aka Raj from The Big Bang Theory, voices Tiny Diamond’s dad. As Guy Diamond, Nayyar plays a character who is a loving single dad and a glittery Pop Troll all at once. That has to be a first.

Ron Funches as Cooper

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images/Dreamworks

Ron Funches voices the other Funk Prince along with Prince D, Cooper. As all of the Trolls come together in this film, the two Funk Princes will have some interesting tasks at hand. And comedic actor Funches will absolutely bring some levity to Trolls Band Together.

Trolls Band Together, available to stream on Peacock on March 15, is going to appeal to so many people. Especially with this cast of talented voice actors behind the characters.

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