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Danielle and Prince Henry in 'Ever After.'
30 Sweet Movies Families Can Watch Together On Valentine’s Day

These movies are full of romance and love, but come with ratings that are appropriate for all ages.

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It can be hard to find the time to watch a steamy romance flick on Valentine's Day when there’s kids in the picture. But just because you might be sharing the couch with some littles these days, that doesn't mean you can't still celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year. There are quite a few family-friendly movies for Valentine's Day that will get you feeling all warm and fuzzy, with minimal “ews!” from the kiddos.

While romantic comedies with family-friendly ratings may still get a few complaints over kisses and lovey-dovey scenes from the kids, there are a few sweet movies that can be included in your Valentine's Day movie lineup. From romantic cartoon fairy tales to touching stories of family love to a few picks for older kiddos (don't worry, we've included ratings for everything so they'll be no surprises), we have your February 14th viewing calendar all set. And, of course, we tried to find movies the whole family could enjoy, aka movies you won't be annoyed about watching again and again, since we know that's how kids watch literally everything!

Gnomes, puppets, princesses, animals, robots, witches, and enchanted maidens fill out this list of Valentine's Day family favorites!

Gnomeo & Juliet

A retelling of the classic love story, this movie is loads of fun. Touchstone Pictures/YouTube

This family-friendly retelling of Shakespeare’s great tragedy follows the adventures of garden gnomes named (what else) Gnomeo and Juliet, who live in rival gardens owned by (who else) Miss Montague and Mr. Capulet, who live in (where else) the birthplace of the Bard himself, Statford-upon-Avon. But even though the voice cast could easily appear in any version of Shakespeare's originaly play (Maggie Smith! Michale Caine! Emily Blunt! James McEvoy!) in this version, frog-shaped sprinkles, blue and red capped garden gnomes, lawn flamingos, and mowers replace the more traditional cast of characters and, of course, our star-crossed lovers have their happily ever after.

Watch Gnomeo & Juliet, rated G, on Disney+.


Fall in robotic love with WALL-EJake Smith/YouTube

After being left to clean up mountains of garbage in an abandoned planet Earth, WALL-E finds unexpected companion in another robot. EVE, who was sent to Earth to look for signs of life, is the love he has been waiting for. And when EVE becomes unresponsive, WALL-E stands by to protect her.

Is there any love more pure and true than that of an adorable trash robot for a sleek, career focused lady robot? (Of course not, because WALL-E is literally the best boyfriend that ever was or ever will be even before he saves humanity.)

Watch WALL-E, rated G, on Disney+.


In Element City, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water beings all live side-by-side, but generally clustered in their own insular communities. But when Ember, a fire being, meets Wade, things get steamy... like, literally steamy because they’re fire and water, not “steamy in a not kid-friendly” way. But can they overcome their deep underlying differences? And, moreover, can their families accept their love?

Stream Elemental, rated PG, on Disney+.

Ever After


This feminist, Renaissance retelling of Cinderella, stars Drew Barrymore as Danielle, a hard-working, forward-thinking merchant’s daughter. Her beloved father dies shortly after taking a new wife, a baroness with two daughters, who treats the kind-hearted Danielle like a servant in her own home. But after a chance encounter with Prince Henry, Danielle finds herself living a double life, pretending to be a countess and finding herself falling deeply in love with the equally enamored prince.

Stream Ever After, rated PG, on Hulu.

Princess and the Frog


Tiana is a hard-working, bright-eyed go-getter who dreams of one day opening the best restaurant in New Orleans. But when she meets a talking frog who claims to be the Prince Naveen, turned into an amphibian by evil Dr. Facilier, she finds herself talked into kissing the frog to turn him back to his true form. And since no good deed goes unpunished, it backfires, turning her into a frog as well. In hopes of turning back into humans again, the pair hop along on an adventure to bayous to seek the help of a powerful voodoo priestess... with Dr. Facilier hot on their (webbed) heels.

Stream The Princess and the Frog, rated G, on Disney+.

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown


Answer this question as honestly as you can: is it even a holiday without Charlie Brown?

This perfect Valentine’s Day movie for the whole family follows the trials and tribulations of everyone’s favorite blockhead and his friends as they learn above love and heartbreak. Linus attempts to win the heart o his teacher, Miss Othmar. Snoopy wows with his flair for holiday panache, and Charlie Brown... well, it would be nice if he got just one valentine this year (and this briefcase full of cards for his friends is just the ticket)...

Stream Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, rated G, on AppleTV.



When scrappy “street rat” Aladdin finds a magic lamp (complete with wacky genie) in a magic cave, he schemes and wishes his way into the heart of the feisty Princess Jasmine, but has to reckon with the evil wizard Jafar. In the end, Aladdin learns that true love cannot exist without openness, honesty, and accepting who you are, and what better Valentine's Day lesson can you hope to teach your children than that? (Bonus lesson: you can't make someone fall in love with you. Not even with a genie. Not even if that genie is voiced by Robin Williams.)

Stream Aladdin, rated G, on Disney+.

Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella


While the beats of the memorable fairy tale are the same, this version gives us an empowered heroine without being preachy. Brandy’s Cinderella is a kind and gentle dreamer, but also a bright, intelligent, and determined young woman who knows that it takes more than wishes and magic to get what you want in life (though she may need a pep talk from her divine Fairy Godmother). You have to go after it yourself! A diverse, all-star cast complements these lively and beautiful Rogers and Hammerstein tunes, making this a perfect Valentine’s Day family movie.

Stream Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, rated G, on Disney+.

Free Reign Valentine’s Day


Free Rein is a British kids’ show the centers around Zoe, a Los Angeles teen who spends summers in her mom’s hometown in England where she finds kinship with Raven, the wildest horse at Bright Fields stables. In this 50-minute Valentine’s Day special, Zoe and her friends decide to celebrate their friendship with a “Galentine’s Quest” to find the legendary “Maid’s Stone.” But after setting out (on horseback, naturally) they discover that not only is Zoe’s rival, Mia, looking for the stone, so is her new boyfriend, Pin! When growing rivalry distracts them from real life danger, however, Raven is there to save the day.

Stream Free Rein Valentine’s Day, rated G, on Netflix.

Lady and the Tramp

Talk about puppy love!Walt Disney Studios/YouTube

If you're looking to introduce your kids to the film genre of romantic comedies, look no further. They'll love this tale of puppy love (pun intended, #NotSorry).

Lady, a cocker spaniel, lives a pampered life with her owners, Jim Dear and Darling, in a posh, loving home. Tramp, well, this mutt has a different house for every day of the week (depending what’s on the menu). They’re an unlikely pair, but make a great team when the going gets rough (or when there’s spaghetti to be eaten)!

Whether you choose the classic animated version or the 2019 live-action adaptation it's sure to be a great throwback for parents.

Stream both versions of Lady and the Tramp, rated G (cartoon) & PG (live action) on Disney+.

Elmo Loves You


Where do you go when you want to learn all about emotions (or, like, literally anything else you’d need to know about before you hit kindergarten)? Sesame Street, of course! In this Valentine’s Day special, Elmo is making a card for someone very special, but when the wind picks it up and blows it away, it’s everyone’s favorite furry blue monster, Grover, to the rescue! It’s a perfect Valentine’s Day movie for the preschool set and, let’s be honest, you secretly enjoy the nostalgia of watching friendly, happy puppets with your kiddos.

Watch Elmo Loves You, rated G, on AppleTV.

The Sound of Music

If you think about it, this is a workplace romance...Disney+

Maria doesn’t quite fit in at the convent. In an attempt to help her try to find purpose in her calling, Mother Superior sends Maria to the palatial home of Captain Von Trapp, a widower with seven unruly children who have already scared off several nannies. But Maria is a breath of fresh air, and her free spirit is a welcomed change from Captain Von Trapp's military-style discipline. It isn't long before the plucky Maria wins the hearts of her young charges... and, despite some initial clashes and the machinations of a scheming Baroness, the good Captain. But when the Nazis occupy their beloved homeland, everything is threatened... Based on the real life love story of Maria and Georg Von Trapp!

Stream The Sound of Music, rated G, on Disney+

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Get ready for a truly epic romance Netflix/YouTube

Older kids may find themselves unwittingly enjoying this beautiful romance more than they'd like to admit. When a writer embarks on a trip to a small island to meet a group of book lovers and decides to write a book about the literary society they founded while the island was under Nazi occupation during World War II, she gets more than she bargains for in the process. It is a bit heavy on the romance, but there is nothing you'll have to cover the kids' eyes for.

Watch The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, rated TV-PG, on Netflix.

The Parent Trap

This classic film will have everyone in their feelsMovie Clips Classic Trailers/YouTube

Annie and Hallie are strangers – one British, one American – until they meet at summer camp... but why do they two look identical?! They soon discover that this is more than a coincidence: they're twins, one being raised by their mother, the other being raised by their dad... what better way to get to know their other parent (and, perhaps, get them back together) than by swapping places! Does it get more romantic than long-lost twins working to bring their parents back together? (Other than a version of events where the parents didn't keep your twin a secret from you for over a decade...)

Watch The Parent Trap, rated PG, on Disney+.

The Little Rascals

What's a group of girl haters to do when one of their own falls in love?MovieClips/YouTube

Mischievous friends Spanky and Buckwheat lead an anti-girl organization, the He-Man Woman Haters Club. In a meeting, they decide that Alfalfa should drive the club's undefeated go-kart, The Blur. But when they discover that Alfalfa has been canoodling with the enemy – a little girl named Darla (emphasis on the girl) – they're determined to break the couple up. What ensues is a pint-sized Battle of The Sexes that brings equal parts "romance," adventure, hilarity, and important lessons about inclusion, equality, and the importance of working together and keeping an open mind at all times.

Watch The Little Rascals, rated PG, on Amazon Prime.


Carl learns a new kind of love after losing the love of his life. Disney Clips/YouTube

Is a child ever too young to learn about true love ... or the fact that a Pixar movie will always turn you, an adult, into a quivering, emotionally fragile puddle of goo?

If you're looking for a good cry during your Valentine's Day celebrations, there's no better choice than Up. After losing his partner Ellie, 78-year-old balloon salesman, Carl Fredricksen goes on the adventure of a lifetime, fulfilling his wife’s dream of visiting Paradise Falls. But when Carl realizes that young Wilderness Explorer Russell has inadvertently joined him on his adventure, Carl ultimately learns that you're never too old to live your dream or find new people to love.

Watch Up, rated PG, on Disney+.

It Takes Two

Amanda and Alyssa may look alike – a fact they discover at summer camp – but they couldn’t be more different. Amanda is an orphan who wants nothing more than to be adopted by her social worker, Diane. But, alas, Diane is too single and too poor to be considered. Alyssa, on the other hand, has a loving, extremely wealthy father, Roger, but her life isn’t perfect: her dad is about to marry the self-centered gold-digger Clarice!

So they do what any identical girls who met at summer camp would do: hatch a plan to switch places and get the adults in their life to become a couple!

Watch It Takes Two, rated PG, on Amazon Prime.


Can a fairytale princess survive life in the city that never sleeps?Movie Clips Classic Trailers/YouTube

Giselle is your standard fairy tale princess. She is beautiful, kind-hearted and sweet with a gorgeous singing voice and tendency to find herself surrounded by woodland creatures. But when she finds herself far away from home in New York City, she turns to a grumpy lawyer to help her find her way back to her one true love, Prince Edward (whose wicked stepmother banished her to NYC in the first place). But she just may end up finding something all together unexpected on the way. The whole family will love this absolutely perfect-for-Valentine's-Day family movie.

Watch Enchanted, rated PG, on Disney+.


If Shrek can find love, anyone can. Movieclips/YouTube

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a grumpy ogre named Shrek, who contentedly resided in quiet hut in a murky swamp. But that solitude is interrupted when a cadre of fairy tale characters find themselves homeless after being persecuted by the evil Lord Farquaad. In order to get his swamp back, Shrek agrees to help Farquaad by rescuing the mysterious Princess Fiona from a tower. Soon, Shrek, Fiona, and a loud-mouthed donkey named Donkey (naturally) find themselves in an adventure far grander than anything they ever signed up for, stumbling into heroism they didn't know they had, and finding love in places they never thought to look.

Watch Shrek, rated PG, on Amazon Prime.

The Princess Bride


When a young boy is feeling ill, his grandfather comes over to read the book his father read him when he was sick: The Princess Bride by S. Morgenstern. Assuring the skeptical child that “the kissing parts” are balanced with adventure and suspense, the boy settles down to hear the story of the true love between Westley and Buttercup. A love that survives piracy, evil dukes, dastardly princes, sword fights, giants, poison, rodents of unusual size, and even death itself.

It's the perfect Valentine's Day movie though, let's be honest, you don't need a special occasion to watch this one.

Stream The Princess Bride, rated PG, on Disney+.

Little Women

Will they or won’t they...MovieClips/YouTube

Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March are sisters living in Massachusetts during the Civil War. As their father serves the Union Army as a chaplain, they and their formidable mother, Marmee, run the household on a shoestring budget but still find time to extend help and charity to others. While the premise sounds like a bit of a bummer, the love within the family – and the fun they all have with the wealthy next door neighbor, Laurie – is heartwarming and joyful. Over the course of the film, the girls grow into young women, finding their way in the world and living the lives they’ve always dreamed of.

There are several romantic storylines in this movie, as the titular little women find love, making it perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Stream Little Women, rated PG, on Amazon Prime.



Just about 18 years ago, a wicked sorceress named Mother Gothel kidnapped the Princess Rapunzel from her crib, for the baby’s hair had the power to keep the evil witch young and beautiful forever. To safeguard her own personal fountain of youth, Mother Gothel kept the girl locked in a tower. But as Rapunzel grew older, she became curious about the outside world. When a thief named Flynn Rider enters a tower, she strikes a deal with him: act as her guide and she’ll return the jeweled crown he stole that will lift him from his life of petty crime.

But while Rider is initially motivated by the crown, he’ll ultimately find it’s the princess that he truly cares about...

Stream Tangled, rated PG, on Disney+.

The Royal Treatment

Just your average “girl meets prince” scenario...Kirsty Griffin/Netflix

New York hairdresser Isabella (aka Izzy) runs her own salon and is over the moon when she and her team of stylist get a once in a lifetime opportunity: doing hair for a royal wedding! But while Izzy, in typical New York fashion, is not afraid to speak her mind, Prince Thomas is motivated not by his own desires but duty. As someone about to run his own country, he has to marry “the right woman,” whether or not he actually loves her. When Sparks fly between this unlikely pair, will love or duty prevail? You know the answer, but it's a fun romp anyway.

Stream The Royal Treatment, rated PG, on Netflix.

Tall Girl

High school is hard enough when you’re not looming over all your classmates.Scott Saltzman

Jodi has always been uncomfortable being the tallest girl in school — and she always has been. Slouching can only get you so far, and the 16 year old is tired of being made fun of by classmates. But when Jodi meets Stig – a Swedish exchange student who’s even taller than she is – she falls hard. Her new crush turns her world upside down and and casts her into an unexpected love triangle. Her two best friends and beauty queen sister help her realize that neither her height nor her insecurities have to define her. This sweet teen romance (and its sequel, conveniently titled Tall Girl 2) is a great way for kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Stream Tall Girl, rated PG, on Netflix.


This sweeping, beautifully costumed musical is based on the classic tragic romance of Cyrano de Bergerac. In this version, instead of having a prodigious nose, Cyrano, played by Peter Dinklage, has dwarfism. More importantly, however, he has deep feelings for the beautiful but impoverished Roxanne. Unfortunately, Roxanne has similarly deep feelings for Christian, a new recruit in Cyrano’s regiment.

Christian is delighted to be the object of Roxanne’s love, but doesn’t know how to court her with wit, poetry and romance. Cyrano strikes up a bargain: he’ll court Roxanne on Christian’s behalf, scripting his new recruits love letters and declarations of love for him.

Stream Cyrano, rated PG-13, on Amazon Prime.

Big Fish

Edward Bloom is dying. His adult son, journalist William, travels to be at his side in these last days. The two have long had a strained relationship: Edward’s life stories are so outlandish that incredulous William doesn’t feel he knows his father at all. But dying doesn’t curb Edward’s “big fish” stories, and William decides to investigate these stories to better understand the man.

One such story is the romance between Edward and Sandra, William’s mother, and it is one of our all-time favorites.

Stream Big Fish, rated PG-13, on Amazon Prime.

Crazy Rich Asians

Rachel and Nick have been dating for a year, and Nick thinks it’s high time Rachel met his family back in Singapore. With a friend’s wedding coming up, the timing couldn’t be better. But isn’t long before Rachel discovers that Nick’s family isn’t “comfortable.” They’re rich. Crazy rich. He is “the Prince Harry of Asia.” And, as is the case with royalty, his family is difficult for outsiders to navigate... or find acceptance among. Rachel’s biggest challenge is Nick’s mother, Young family matriarch Eleanor, who doesn’t believe Rachel will ever be enough for her son. Will snobbery drive the pair apart?

Stream Crazy Rich Asians, rated PG-13, on Hulu.

Love, Simon


Simon is a lucky kid. He has caring parents and good friends... but Simon has a secret: he’s gay. When an anonymous online confession from another closeted gay kid at their school comes out, Simon connects with the person (known only as “Blue”), using the pseudonym “Jacques” and finds kinship with them. But when another student, Martin, discovers who “Jacques” really is, Simon finds himself blackmailed into helping Martin win over new girl (and Simon’s friend) Abby. This cute high school romance is a winner for any age group and offers LGBT+ kids and families a glimmer of representation this Valentine’s Day.

Stream Love, Simon, rated PG-13, on Hulu.

The Prom

Nothing says V-Day-style romance like a high school prom!Melinda Sue Gordon/Netflix

An ensemble of washed-up Broadway actors descend on a small town in Indiana to help Emma, a teenager girl whose school PTA has cancelled prom to prevent her from attending with her girlfriend, the still-closeted Alyssa (whose mother is the president of the PTA and the reason prom was cancelled in the first place – plot twist!). Based on the Broadway musical of the same name, this dazzling, flashy, and fun movie features a star-studded cast – including Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Kerry Washington, and Keegan-Michael Key – and calls to mind our favorite (or at least most well-known) springtime traditions.

Watch Prom, rated PG-13, on Netflix.

Always Be My Maybe


As children, Sasha and Marcus were friends. The two lived next door, and Sasha was a regular dinner guest at Marcus’ house since she was often left home alone so her parents could work, learning how to cook from Marcus’ mom, Judy. The two fall out as teenagers, but reconnect 16 years later when Sasha is a celebrity chef and Marcus a successful restauranteur. Is that romantic spark still alive between the two of them? (Of course: this is a very standard rom-com, but what better time to indulge in a standard rom-com than Valentine's Day?)

Stream Always Be My Maybe, rated PG-13, on Netflix.

No matter which of these movies you choose to watch with the fam, you're in for lots of good feelings and healthy conversations about love. So settle in, cuddle up, and enjoy. Happy watching!

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