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This Viral Video Of Kate Middleton Doing The "Princess Shuffle" Is Kinda Mesmerizing

There may have been a logical reason behind it.

by Kaitlin Kimont

Kate Middleton has perfected her royal curtsy so well that even Princess Charlotte has been spotted copying her form. But a clip of the Princess of Wales going viral on TikTok has revealed another technique she’s aced — the “princess shuffle.”

TikTok user @the.royal.watcher recently posted a video of the Princess of Wales during a visit to the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood in Denmark in February 2022. Middleton was posing for photos with Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Crown Princess Mary, and was asked by the queen to scooch in a little closer. As the viral TikTok video shows, Princess Kate continues to smile and face the camera as she “shuffles” her feet and makes her way closer to Queen Margrethe.

“Royal fans are going crazy for the ‘Princess Shuffle’ that Kate uses to discreetly get closer to people in pictures!” @the.royal.water captioned the video.

Many viewers were impressed with Kate’s little technique, especially wearing high heels. “And in heels! I would definitely get caught on the carpet and wipe out,” one TikTok user commented. “The princess shuffle! I love everything about this,” another said.

Others, however, questioned why she didn’t simply take one step over. But as one royal fan theorized, “It may be that many photos were being taken and she was trying to avoid a pic of her legs separate.” Like using a clutch to conceal cleavage or politely decline a handshake, those royals are always thinking one step ahead.

Beyond a simple photo op, discretion appears to be a big part of royal life, especially for a future queen like the Princess of Wales. Author Sally Bedell Smith, who has written many biographies about the late Queen Elizabeth, told People that being humble and discreet are keys to royal success. “That is the essence of being a member of the royal family,” Bedell Smith told the magazine. “It’s taking a leaf out of the book of both the Queen Mother and the Queen, who has this extraordinary ability to combine a regal quality with a palpable humility.”

Middleton, of course, isn’t always discreet. While she and her husband Prince William aren’t huge on PDA, Princess Kate seems to be relaxing a bit more in public these days. Indeed, back in February, Middleton was seen tapping her husband on the butt while walking down a red carpet. Hey, sometimes you gotta let loose and sometimes you gotta shuffle. Such is the life of a princess.