Will Ferrell embarrassed his son.
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Is Anyone Surprised Will Ferrell Dressed As A Medieval Lord To Embarrass His Son At Prom?

Magnus rated the moment as a “10000/10.”

Having Will Ferrell as your dad certainly comes with some pretty amazing benefits. Beyond the obvious perks of having loads of money and living the life of a famous celebrity, there’s also the fact that he is hilarious and knows how to crack a joke. Just ask his 20-year-old son Magnus, who remembers when his dad dressed as a medieval lord at his prom in an effort to embarrass him. And spoiler alert, it really worked.

Magnus Ferrell, Will Ferrell’s oldest son who he shares with wife Vivaca Paulin along with 17-year-old son Mattius and 14-year-old son Axel, took to TikTok recently to share a “true story” about his famous dad.

“Rating things my dad has done,” the University of Southern California student wrote in the first slide on TikTok. The second slide shows Will Ferrell dressed in medieval garb beside his son who admittedly looked lightly humiliated, apparently on Magnus’ prom night. “Dressed as a medieval lord to embarrass me at prom. 10000/10,” the actor’s son captioned the second image.

It took Magnus’ followers to a moment to realize that the Will Ferrell is his father. “THERE IS A MINI WILL FERRELL!?!!?!!” one person wrote, while another joked, “he looks rlly familiar almost like an elf.”

This is not the only time Ferrell has dressed up in a costume to embarrass his kids. Not by a long shot. The Old School star once fully dressed as the Easter Bunny when his sons were younger, Magnus admitted in a podcast interview last year when asked if his dad ever embarrassed him. “Yeah, definitely,” he said at the time, going on to describe his mom waking him up on Easter morning to show him something outside. His dad dressed as the Easter Bunny. “And I look outside, and there’s just this guy in this weird Easter Bunny costume. And he’s just trotting around, kind of bizarre, and he’s making this weird face,” Magnus shared.

Now that Magnus is a college student, he seems to be enjoying his dad’s antics on a different level. Like when Ferrell showed up to DJ a tailgate party at his school last year, for example. Magnus and his friends appeared to be having a great time, even though Ferrell played “Eye of the Tiger.”

A less than cool choice from his Medieval Lordship Sir William Ferrell.