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Woman Names Baby In Honor Of Pink After Going Into Labor At Her Concert

Welcome baby boy Aycen Hart.

When Pink took to the stage to perform at Boston’s Fenway Park on July 31 for her Summer Carnival Tour, she broke attendance records. Fans couldn’t get enough of her powerhouse performance. So much so that one woman fully went into labor at her concert, and ended up naming her baby in honor of the singer.

Angela Mercer was 31 weeks pregnant when she traveled from Albany, New York to Boston to catch Pink in concert last month. She went with her mom Barbara and sister-in-law Amy, according to a statement from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, to celebrate Barbara’s birthday as a family. The concert had just gotten underway when Angela started to feel strong contractions, and the three of them rushed to the hospital on her doctor’s advice.

“With all the traffic surrounding Fenway for the concert, Angela had trouble finding a ride to the hospital,” the statement read. “She and her family decided the fastest way to get to Brigham and Women’s was to walk — and so, decked out in their concert outfits, they made the trek to our hospital where Angela later delivered her son in the Brigham’s NICU.”

A son she named Aycen Hart, in honor of Pink, who changed her name from Alecia Beth Moore to Alecia Beth Hart after marrying husband Carey Hart in 2006.

While little Aycen Hart’s early arrival was a big surprise to his mom (and probably a few concertgoers), Mercer told CBS Boston on Aug. 9 that he is doing well. “The doctors don't have any major concerns,” she said. “It's amazing. He was so early, a lot of things could have gone wrong, so we're in a good spot and just so happy.”

Pink’s Summer Carnival Tour has had its share of interesting developments beyond Aycen’s birth. Earlier this summer at BST Hyde Park in London, a woman threw her dead mother’s ashes on stage while the singer was performing, leaving her flustered and telling the crowd, “I don’t know how I feel about this.” A month later, a fan gave her a more welcome surprise by gifting her with a huge wheel of brie cheese, which had her saying, “I want to kiss you on the mouth” in a TikTok video of the moment.

Pink is truly delivering in every way possible at her concerts. No pun intended.