Labor & Delivery

Oh Yeah, Orgasms While Masturbating Could Help Induce Labor, Too

by Meg Kehoe and Angelique Serrano

And you don’t even have to do any extra work.

Mental Health

Could Increased Anxiety Mean You'll Go Into Labor Soon? Experts Explain

by Jamie Kenney

Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling stressed.


How Swimming During Pregnancy Affects Your Body

by Abi Berwager Schreier

Enjoy all that extra buoyancy.

Labor Signs

9 Early Signs Your Baby Is On The Way

by Ashley Ziegler

Buckle up.


7 Signs Your Baby Has Dropped & Is On The Way

by Angela Johnson and Jessica Booth

So maybe go ahead and pack that hospital bag.


Will Your Epidural Actually Hurt? Here's What Experts Say

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Don’t think about the size of the needle.


15 Maternity Gowns For The Hospital That Are Cute, Fashionable, & Comfortable

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These gowns truly deliver.

Labor Signs

Does Heartburn Mean Labor Is *Finally* Starting?

by Lindsay E. Mack

The closer you get to your baby's big debut, the more likely you are to experience these discomforts.


4 Signs You’re Dilating, Which Could Mean It’s Almost Baby Time

by Tessa Shull and Jennifer Parris

Any minute now.

Pandemic Birth

I Almost Had To Give Birth Alone. My Nurse Made Sure I Didn't.

by Caroline Hogeveen

She even kept the phone with my husband on FaceTime right in the middle of the action.

Labor & Delivery

6 Sex Positions To Try & Induce Labor

by Sarah Hosseini

There's no real science that it will necessarily work, but could still be fun to try.

Labor Signs

Your Pregnancy Diarrhea Doesn't Necessarily Mean Labor Is Near

by Shannon Evans

I know. If you're going to poop this much, shouldn't you get a reward of some kind?