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Mother kisses her newborn during C-section, in a story about C-section birth videos.
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11 C-Section Birth Videos That’ll Show You The Ins & Outs

Take a peek at how other parents handled their Cesareans.

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Maybe you just learned you’ll be having a cesarean, or maybe you’re wondering how C-sections go down, just in case you find yourself having one unexpectedly. If you’ve never had a C-section yourself, or known someone who gave birth this way, it can be hard to imagine what it’ll be like, how long it will take, and even what the heck you should pack in your hospital bag to recover. That’s where C-section birth videos come in. Seeing how other parents planned for their scheduled surgery — and handled the emotions of an emergency procedure — can help you feel more informed heading into your own birth.

If you’re feeling concerned about your C-section, remember that you can absolutely make a birth plan for it, just like you would for a vaginal birth. You can request that your choice of music be playing in the operating room, to start breastfeeding while you’re still in the OR, or to have a clear drape used during the birth so you can see your baby being born. So, if you’re looking to C-section birth videos to feel a little bit more control, just remember that you still have options and the authority to ask for what’s important to you. And if you just want to know what the heck happens in births like these, well, watch on.


A positive scheduled C-section birth vlog

This mom delivers her second baby via a scheduled C-section. Everything goes according to plan and ends with happy, healthy parents and their new little one. So, if you’re searching for a positive take on the whole C-section process, start here.


A planned C-section vlog at 37 weeks

Here’s another look at a scheduled C-section, this one taking place at 37 weeks. The baby is healthy (and adorable), and Mom talks through some of her recovery in the hospital as well.


A repeat C-section vlog

Here’s a really upbeat vlog about a mother who has a scheduled, repeat C-section. She shares some really great insights about recovering from a C-section, like the importance of getting up and moving around, but also not pushing her body too hard.


An emergency C-section birth video

This new mom goes through 30 hours of labor and a failed epidural before receiving an emergency C-section, and her vlog takes you on the emotional rollercoaster right alongside her. If you’re wanting to prepare for that potential outcome for yourself, you can see how this mom powered through.


A C-section birth video about delivering twins

If you’re pregnant with twins or multiples, you’re more likely to have a C-section than in a singleton pregnancy. This mom and dad had a scheduled induction for their twins and their birth plan was to deliver vaginally. When they find out one baby is transverse and Mom isn’t going to be able to get an epidural, they decide to have a C-section instead. It’s a positive video overall, while still giving you a glimpse at how quickly plans can change.


A C-section birth video that explains the logistics

If you’re wondering about the doctors who will be taking care of you, what happens during each step of a Cesarean, this is a really helpful video created by an OB-GYN. She introduces the team of folks who will be in the operating room taking care of the parents and baby, and what happens during each phase of the delivery.


A C-section birth video after fibroids

This mom had a scheduled C-section because she had previously undergone a myomectomy (a surgery to remove uterine fibroids). It seems like everything played out exactly as these parents hoped, so it’s a really comforting peek at how a C-section might go if you have a similar medical history.


A C-section vlog with practical tips

This mom talks through her C-section experience in just the right amount of detail, and gives some really helpful tips and advice. Her message at the start that C-section births are just as empowering as vaginal ones is a sweet reminder, if you’re in need of one.


A C-section birth video where baby is in distress

One of the reasons you might have a C-section is if there are signs your baby is in distress. That’s why this mom needed an emergency Cesarean with her third baby, which Mom talks through in a calm, detailed manner. Fearmonger-y, it is not.


A C-section video with twins who visit the NICU

In this vlog, Mom’s water breaks right before a big family dinner so the expecting parents head to the hospital. Her twin babies are born via C-section and spend some time in the NICU getting bigger and stronger before heading home. It’s scary to think about your baby needing extra care, but these parents take it on so positively.


A C-section birth video about placental abruption

In this C-section vlog, Mom had an unexpected placental abruption, which means the placenta had separated from the wall of her uterus before giving birth, so she lost of a lot of blood. Everyone ends up happy and healthy in the end, and you see a little bit of the parents’ processing of everything that happened. The video doens’t show footage of chaotic moments, but the vlogger does discuss the fear and trauma she experienced.

If watching C-section videos (especially the emergency ones) makes you feel anxious, take a break. But if learning more about the process demystifies it a bit and helps you feel better about the possibility, then watch on.

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