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25 Mother’s Day Gifts For Moms-To-Be That They Actually Want

Seriously. She’ll love these.

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If you’re a first-time mom-to-be, the opportunity to take the spotlight on Mother’s Day is all kinds of exciting. You’re about to join a club as old as the dawn of time, a special members-only group of awesome, awe-inspiring moms. Naturally, it might get you up in your feels and no one would begrudge you for a happy tear or two. Nor would anyone begrudge an expectant mom a gift or two on this special day. And for that, there are all kinds of great gifts available for soon-to-be moms on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day presents, however, should not be confused with shower gifts. For the rest of a new mama’s life, she’ll be sourcing items for her bundles of joy. So rather than give a pregnant mom diaper balm or swaddles for Mother’s Day, give her something just for her. Having trouble coming up with ideas? Here’s a clue, put yourself in her shoes. Regardless of what stage she’s at in her pregnancy, she’s likely starting to feel like she’s in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Her body is no longer her own, and all kinds of aches and pains might be happening, too. So gifts that provide comfort are a great choice. Likewise, anything that could fall under the title of “treat.” Psst. That means chocolate.

Here are some other excellent gifts for soon-to-be moms on Mother’s Day.

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Face Mask & Chill

If people keep telling her she’s glowing but she feels like her light has been put out, give the mama in your life this face mask kit to rehydrate and relax.


A Vegan and Cruelty-Free Manicure

If your mama in question loves to look glam but doesn’t want her beauty products to hurt the environment, consider giving her Pear Nova’s lacquer collection which includes five shades of gel nail polish.


A Treat-Herself Gift Bag

Post-partum care is so important. That’s why London Grant decided to make a Mother’s Day Bundle that offers mom a soothing oil for massage that’s gentle enough to give their baby a rub down as well. Plus, the body custard can be used on a baby’s bottom and on sore nipples as well.


A Sonogram Frame

Those first sonograms are so life altering. There your baby is, just a tiny bean growing in your womb. That’s the kind of documentation you want to hold onto forever and you can with a lovely sonogram frame.


Pregnancy Compression Socks

Hate to say it, but proper circulation can be tough when you’re building a human. No one wants a blood clot or deep vein thrombosis. And while this isn’t the sexiest Mother’s Day gift it is a useful one.


An At-Home Facial

A little pampering can be hard to come by when you’re super pregnant. But with Mary Louise Cosmetics Mississippi Mud Facial Mask, a mom can treat herself right at home. This mask uses bentonite clay, raw oats, rhassoul clay, marshmallow root to fight try skin and re-moisturize.


Hospital PJ Set

One of the nicest things to give a mama-to-be are really comfy, attractive pajamas that they can pack and change into at the hospital after giving birth. These are great because they’re specifically designed for nursing so a new mom can easily transition.


A Luxurious Bath Bomb

A good soak can be a life affirming self-care practice while pregnant. So give your favorite mom encouragement to draw a bath with fancy bath bombs. And don’t fret, these bath bombs, when used correctly, are totally safe for pregnant women.


Lipstick for Your Boss Lady

You know what’s the ultimate boss lady move? Growing a human while working. Talk about earning overtime! For a gal that’s getting it all done at once, she needs a glam lipstick to go with her super human powers. How about Bawse Lady liquid matte from The Lip Bar?


“I’m Making A Human” Mug

There’s definitely some superhero vibes when you see a pregnant woman juggle all of their daily tasks, but you know, just casually creating new life at the same time! NBD. And this mug says it all.


A Pregnancy Pillow

By the last few months of pregnancy, getting good sleep can become difficult. (Ironic, given most expecting moms sudden exhaustion.) This body pillow can help by redistribute baby’s weight and allow for a good night’s rest


Some Sparkling Water

Pregnant ladies really need to stay hydrated. But drinking plain old tap water can get old. So mix it up for her by giving her a SodaStream to make her own soda water at home. Way cheaper in the long run, this is a great gift before, during, and after giving birth.


A Cute Water Bottle

As mentioned above, water is one of the things pregnant women get reminded about the most. Drink more water! This cute water bottle is a great incentive to do so.


DIY Pedicure Kit

You haven’t really understood true sacrifice until you’ve witnessed a 9 months pregnant woman's swollen feet and ankles. That’s love, y’all. Help her rest her weary tootsies with this DIY foot care kit.


Hangry Snack Kit

Eating for two is no joke and when the hunger hits it can be ferocious. Keeping snacks handy is essential so this snack kit makes a great Mother’s Day gift.


The Finest Chocolate

Mmm, did someone say chocolate? Yes, yes they did. And that’s because it makes a great gift for any woman currently sharing her womb with a growing child.


A Baby Initial Necklace

Give the future mom in your life a token they’ll hold onto forever, a beautiful necklace displaying the initial of their new baby. Whenever they wear it, they’ll think of their very first Mother’s Day.


Tough Mother Sweatshirt

Ish gets real pretty fast once you become a mother and the pregnant lady you love might surprise herself with her own strength. Celebrate her awesome power by giving her this cheeky sweatshirt.


Belly Butter

Stretch marks are no joke and if the lady you love is stressing about the new shapes her body is taking, this soothing balm might help.


An At-Home Massager

For a lot of mothers, stress is carried in their neck. The worries can begin long before the baby makes its first appearance, so help mama relax with this neck and back massager.


The Ultimate Hair Dryer

You know what moms don’t have a lot of time for? Self-care. Especially the time they used to put into their hair care routine. Fortunately, the Dyson hair dryer can cut their time in two, a godsend for a busy new mom.


Facial Cleansing Massager

She’ll get that pregnancy glow in no time with this cute little buzzy facial cleansing massager, which uses sonic pulses and hundreds of soft silicone bristles to remove acne-causing impurities, soften skin, and reduce signs of aging.


A Bouquet That Will Last Forever

Real flowers are great and all, but you know what will last forever? A stunning paper bouquet from Revery Paper Flora. The newbie mom receiver will be amazed that these aren’t real.


Post-Baby Wine Glass

For many moms, nine months is a long time to go without a glass of wine. So give her a glass that says that celebrates her first postpartum toast.


A Pregnancy Tell-All

There’s a lot of waiting room downtown for expectant mothers. Rather than sit flipping through used copies of Southern Living, give a forthcoming mom this book that will prep them for momlife.

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