Mother's Day

a mom and her toddler daughter
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These Funny Mother's Day Memes Are Just What You Need This Year

Get ready to laugh.

by Lindsay E. Mack
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Want a low-key way to show your mom some love this May? There’s no shortage of funny Mother’s Day memes from all corners of the internet, many of which are just a little *too* true. If your mom’s meme game is strong, she’ll appreciate these jokes about #momlife that are true no matter your kid’s age.

Plus, they’re beyond easy to share with just about anybody. Post a funny Mother’s Day meme to your Mom’s social media, or send it through a text or email. Thankfully, this selection of memes is also pretty heartfelt and sometimes even wholesome.

And if swapping memes isn’t all you want to do, then consider snail mailing a Mother’s Day card to your mom. Honestly, a lot of the free printable options are beautifully designed, so all you have to do is hit control-P and sign your name. For a little extra treat, consider sending a Mother’s Day gift from Amazon, which has everything from bath bombs to personalized jewelry. Whatever your plans for this Mother’s Day, give your mom a laugh by sharing some sweet memes. After all, nothing says “I love you” quite like showing your mom something you found funny on the internet.


Mom Jeans

What fashion lessons did you take from your mom? Mom jeans are only the beginning.


Chat About The Weather

Hype up your mom’s social media a bit. The weather can be a little ridiculous after all.


Open Up

How else can you see all the food? Open cabinets are just a kindness.


For The Weirdos

This one is a bit too real. Here’s to all the moms who support their kids’ general weirdnesses.


Keep It Catchy

And now you’re singing it in your head. I kind of want someone to record the mom version now?


Texting > Calling

There are phone-people and not-phone-people. It’s great your mom recognizes this distinction.


Children’s Day

Well, it’s technically true. But then there would have to be a Children’s Day in order to celebrate parents. It’s a whole thing.


Mmm, Pancakes

To be fair, Mother’s Day recipes tend to include some of the tastiest foods ever, such as French toast or pancakes. Remembering to actually share that kind of food is tough.


Here's To You, Mom

Isn’t this the truth? The holiday takes on new meaning once you have kids. Suddenly everything your mom ever said starts to make more sense.


Heartfelt Appreciation

Here’s to moms for appreciating all those heartfelt gifts. You can guarantee those treasures are still stored away someplace safe


Hey Ma, What’s For Dinner?

It’s a callback to your mom’s favorite catchphrase from your childhood. (But if possible, definitely treat her to a nice meal.)


Balancing Act

It really is a balancing act. Thank your mom if she always made time for you.


A Fair Exchange

You can’t argue with these facts. It’s a fair trade-off.


The Unspoken


Some things you just know, you know? It’s unquestionable.


But First...

This sounds familiar. Sometimes mom has to wait a few years before celebrating Mother’s Day can actually be relaxing.


Paying It Back

There’s nothing quite like remembering cringe-inducing moments from your teen years as an adult. Better call your mom and tell her you love her.


She Tried

The legend is true! She’s so thoughtful.


A Huge Help

At least it’s honest. This kid doesn’t overpromise anything.



Grand-cats and grand-dogs need love too. It’s lovely when your mom adores the four-legged family members.


The World’s Truest Mug

Of course, your mom probably deserves a mug that sings her praises a little more. But it’s still pretty funny.


She’s Basically A Saint

It isn’t like your mom is just going to forget the details of your birth. It was a pretty big deal.


Points For Trying

Don’t mind a little self-deprecation? This one is basically perfect.


To Her Credit

lYeah, childhood isn’t free. Plenty of moms know this better than anybody.



Oh snap. Does it even count if it’s not online?


So Thoughtful

It’s almost too much of a gift, am I right? The thoughtfulness is overwhelming.

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