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These Hilarious Teacher Memes Are What Every Educator Needs To See Right Now

Class is in session.

Being a teacher takes something special. Bottomless patience, extraordinary creativity, a high tolerance for fart jokes. So is it any wonder teachers have some of the funniest memes out there? These are professionals who take their jobs seriously, but they also know how to cut up when class isn’t in session. They’d likely go mad if they didn’t.

Imagine running a kindergarten classroom. The comments alone from the pupils would be enough to start a meme factory. And don’t get started on the middle schoolers. There’s a special place in heaven for anyone who teaches 7th grade math.

From side-eyes to all those who call virtual learning a “vacation” to gags about school letting out for the summer, these teacher memes highlight the highs and lows of being an educator. But while they’re geared for those who call the school house home, anyone who has been a student can appreciate the silliness. So here’s to the thankless souls who show up each day ready to inform the next generation, be it online or in person. We see you, we appreciate you, and we understand why social media has produced entire accounts dedicated to joking about the wild and wacky world of education.


When People Call Virtual Learning A Vacation

Don’t think a teacher can’t bust a high kick when need be. Oh they’ll do it.


What happened to the Macarana?

“Please don’t post this to TikTok” said every teacher ever.


Thar She Blows!

Nothing like a little wind to whip students into a frenzy. The hazards of recess.


Those Back to School Teacher Blues

That feeling when you have to reopen your lesson plans after eight weeks off.


When School’s Officially Out For The Summer

Party in the teacher lounge!


Restitution Wanted

Define “pain and suffering.”


It’s Been 84 Years...

Instead of bringing a teacher an apple, try coffee.


Describe “Family”

Just because teachers work in the same building doesn’t mean they’re friends. Let alone family.


Hard No

Summer just started. There’s no need to roll out those back to school ads yet.


Nature Is Healing

Here’s to all the teachers who Zoomed it up and never let kids down.


Every Teacher Cleaning Up Ever

A hazmat suit for classroom clean-up should be school provided PPE.


Remote Learning Vibez

To all the teachers who saw students take their screens into the bathroom this year, a thousand apologies.


Extra What?

Yeah, no. Your teacher sees what you’re doing there and it’s not gonna fly.


Let’s Fact Check That

Sources say this student is full of it.


Doing the Can-Can

May you go to the bathroom, you mean? May you??


A for Effort

Extra credit goes to all the teachers spending their weekends grading. Give yourself an extra glass of wine for all the hard work.


When A Teacher Says Be Quiet

There should be a class just teaching kids how to moderate the volume of their voices.


The Ol’ “Never Met Him Before In My Life” Routine

Perfect strangers perfectly summarizes seeing a student out in the wild. Just don’t make eye contact and slowly back away.


When Teachers Feel The Bern

Really could use a pair of mittens for winter playground duty.


No Days Off

Weekend? What weekend? For teachers, there’s no rest for the weary.


When Stay Calm Takes On A Whole New Meaning

Remember the chaos of fire drills? Bet your third grade teacher sure does.


Sub Life

Whoa to substitute teachers. Underpaid and over-burdened they’re the real heroes.

Now go relax, teachers. It’s summer vaca and you’ve earned it.