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8 Things To Know About Your Sweet Pisces Baby

There's so much to learn about your little fishie.

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They’re cute, they’re cuddly, and they have all the feels. No, we’re not talking about a pug puppy, but those delicious Pisces babies. While every astrological sign has traits that are amazing and wonderful to marvel about, a baby born under the Pisces sign just has that something extra special. So if your baby is born between February 19 and March 20, you’ve definitely going to be raising a Pisces child, and there's no shortage of fascinating things about Pisces babies for you to ooh and aah over.

All kids are awesome (well, most of them, anyway, if we’re being honest), but a Pisces baby is next-level loveliness. As part of their Pisces child personality, they tend to be more emotional than some of the other signs, making them super sensitive and sweet. Another Pisces fun fact is that they sometimes can think everything is about themselves, which apparently might manifest into a martyr complex. Probably not something you have to worry about when they’re little, but as your baby becomes a toddler and eventually (gah) a tween, well, get ready to have a lot of tissues for their issues.

But on the flip side, they’re not just focused on their emotional needs, but those who they love, too. You might be able to gain some additional insight into how your little Pisces baby will be in the future by reading their horoscope, which are often spookily accurate when it comes to characterizing your kiddo’s traits.

Read on to find out other Pisces fun facts that will help you fall in love with your fishie even more.


They’re big dreamers


As your baby sleeps, you might wonder what he’s dreaming about. Apparently, big things, according to Jaya Jaya Myra, an astrologist and wellness expert. “When given the right guidance and encouragement, Pisces grow up to have big dreams,” says Myra. “They are the ones who are impractical enough to change the world.”


They’re easily influenced

Having a Pisces baby means that you have a sweet, sensitive soul on your hands. As Myra explains, this Neptune-ruled sign is “very impressionable,” and you'll “really want to nurture and show lots of TLC” to your little fish. “Be extra careful to shield these little ones from things you don't want them to see or experience, because they will take in their experiences more than most babies do,” she warns.


Pisces babies are creative

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“Pisces are creative and artistic, and you'll see this in them from an early age if you encourage these behaviors,” advises Myra. This means lots (and lots) of trips to the craft stores to stock up on supplies like crayons and coloring books, to encourage your baby’s artistic inclinations.


They’re perceptive

Pisces are masters of perception. That might explain why, when you’re talking to your baby, you feel as if she understands exactly what you’re saying. “Pisces are very intuitive and can easily tune in to what you’re saying as well as what you’re not,” advises Myra. That’s why learning how to communicate clearly and effectively will be important when caring for a Pisces baby.


They’re copycats (in a good way)


Does your baby crinkle her nose when she laughs, just like you? Blame it on Pisces’ uncanny ability to parrot almost everything that their parents do. They’re almost master imitators, which can be funny (or, um, not) depending on their impersonation of you. “Pisces will learn to mimic your behaviors quickly,” says Myra. “So take time to make sure your own house is in order so they learn only good habits from you.”


They might be athletic

When it comes to deciding what sort of activities your tot might like to try, consider anything involving fancy footwork. Pisces is, of course, a water sign, so your baby might especially enjoy splashing around in the pool and trying out for the swim team.


They might be aloof

While you'll appreciate your little one's sensitivity and sweetness. A young Pisces might learn that distancing themselves from situations makes life a little easier if they’re very very sensitive, and that’s just something to be aware of as you support your Pisces child’s development.


They’re pretty chill

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A Pisces baby is very likable, so your little one might be more likely to flash a gummy smile at strangers than another astrological sign. “When allowed to be themselves, they see the best in the world, however impractical some people may think that is,” says Myra. “Let them be the dreamers and visionaries they are, because we need this kind of positivity in the world.”

For the most part, a Pisces baby is a very kind, compassionate, and agreeable one. So if your baby is born during this time period, you can expect a sweet-natured child who will flourish in family life. And swimming lessons. Lots and lots of swimming lessons.


Jaya Jaya Myra, an astrologist and wellness expert

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