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50 Baby Names For Your Sweet Pisces

These names are sure to make a splash.

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Have a wee babe due between February 19 to March 20? Congratulations, you’re about to be the proud parent of a sweet Pisces baby. A water sign, Pisces are known for being gentle, wise, and compassionate people. Naturally, a kid with these lovely characteristics needs a name to match. And for that you can take inspiration from these Pisces-inspired baby names for your aquatic wonder.

By digging into the history and meanings of names, the following are suggestions that reflect the best parts of Pisces which include being deeply intelligent people with a strong sense of right and wrong, who have active imaginations are forgiving. Amiable people, Pisces are also considered sensitive, generous, and naturally kind. Not to mention there’s that whole water sign to think about. The water connection also offers an abundance of great name options, from the obvious to the fascinating. Another pro tip if you’re feeling flummoxed about how to name your Pisces baby is to look back to literature for great characters who have operated within water. Horatio Hornblower, anyone? Hey, he was a fictional Royal Navy officer during the Napoleonic Wars, so he fits the water theme perfectly.

If you’re looking for more baby name inspiration for your Pisces baby, these monikers should do the trick.

Water-inspired Pisces names

In Latin, Pisces literally means “fish,” and this water sign is symbolized by two fish (Aphrodite and her son, Eros) tied together so as to not be separated. If you are anticipating having a Pisces baby, looking for names that mean “water” or “the sea” might be the first thing you search for, and one of the following water-inspired names might strike the right chord.

  • Kairi: This gender-neutral Japanese name means “sea.”
  • Talia: Meaning “near water,” Talia is an Australian Aboriginal name. And in Hebrew, it means “gentle dew from heaven.”
  • Bardo: It means “water” in Tibetan, and some Buddhists refer to it as the transitional state between death and rebirth — very poetic.
  • Llyr: The Welsh have all kinds of great seaworthy names, like Llyr, which means “the sea.”
  • Coral: Give your Pisces child a suggestion of the sea with the name Coral, the beautiful marine invertebrates that make the ocean so colorful.
  • Kailani: In Hawaiian, Kai means “ocean” and lani means “sky,” making Kailani the perfect marriage of names for a Pisces child.
  • Lachlan: If you plan to live a lake life with your Pisces kid, this might just be the right name for them as it means “from the land of lakes.”
  • Irvette: If you want a water-evoking name that’s less common, Irvette is of English origin, and it means “sea friend.”
  • River: Another name that reflects water, River is a gender neutral option for Pisces babies.
  • Brooks: Derives from Olde English “bróc,” or one who dwells by a brook.”
  • Rain: Great for a boy or girl, rain evokes the refreshing of life with precipitation something that feels wonderfully on theme for a Pisces child.
  • Niles: It may conjure up images of the ‘90s sitcom Frasier, but Niles also hints at the Nile River.
  • Nerissa: In Greek, Nerissa means “of the sea.” With their free-flowing approach to life, this name is ideal for Pisces signs.
  • Meryl: It comes from the Celtic word for “bright sea.”
  • Dylan: It’s Welsh for “son of the sea,” and a lovely gender-neutral name for a Pisces baby.
  • Cascade: Whether the name makes you think of a waterfall or the Pacific Northwest mountain range, Cascade as a name is as versatile as any Pisces.
  • Moana: Better known for the 2016 Disney hit of the same name, Moana isn’t just a fictional cartoon character. It comes from the Polynesian tradition and means “wide ocean.”
  • Pike: Pike is the name of a fish in English and might just be appropriate for your little swimmer.
  • Triton: King Triton from The Little Mermaid was the god of the sea in Greek mythology. So it might make sense as a name for your little water baby.
  • Yara: This unique name is of Brazilian descent, and it means “water lady.” In Brazilian mythology, she represents Mãe das Águas, mother of the waters.
  • Marina: This pretty name, of Latin origin, means “from the sea.”

Baby names inspired by Pisces personality traits

Gentle, kind, generous, wise — these are personality traits one expects from a Pisces, and the names below reflect just that.

  • Ai: This simple yet lovely name, of Chinese origin, can mean “compassion,” “love,” or “affection.”
  • Juliet: The English name Juliet means “youthful.” With Pisces’ live-and-let-live attitude, Juliet conveys a Pisces baby’s young approach.
  • Fern: Fern means “the wing of comfort,” and is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word fearn, which means a “wing.” Pisces are known for their compassionate hearts — the ultimate form of comfort.
  • Prudence: For your prudent baby, Prudence is a lovely, and perhaps perfectly fitting fit.
  • Salome: Salome is the female name derived from the Hebrew word for peace. Generally considered peacemakers, Pisces babies would be well served by the name Salome.
  • Amethyst: There’s something sort of wonderful about naming a baby after their birthstone and that’s what Amethyst is for February. So if your little Pisces is born in February, consider this purple stone.
  • Sage: “Wise and knowing,” that’s what Sage means. For a kid who may seem to be wise beyond their years, this is the perfect name.
  • Winnie: Perfectly fitting for a kind and compassionate Pisces, Winnie has the sweetest meaning: “gentle friend.”
  • Gareth: This name means “gentle” in Welsh and was the name of the modest knight in King Arthur’s court.
  • Ari: In Thai, this unisex name means “kind, generous, and compassionate” — all the projected traits of a sweet Pisces.
  • Kareem: Also frequently spelled Karim, this lovely Arabic name for boys means “gracious” and “generous.”
  • Dayaa: Of Hindi origin, this sweet name, meaning “compassion,” is pronounced day-yah.
  • Ruth: Old fashioned names are back in fashion, and Ruth is a classic girls name of Hebrew origin that means “compassionate friend,” which is exactly what you hope your child will turn out to be.
  • Minerva: Pisces are thought to be wise and thoughtful, and Minerva was the name of the the Roman goddess of wisdom. In Latin, it means “the mind.” You can even shorten it to Minnie if you prefer.
  • Adiv: The Hebrew boys name Adiv means “pleasant” as well as “gentle.”
  • Halima: Of Arabic origin, this beautiful girls name means “forbearing” and “generous.”

More names for Pisces babies

The beautiful names below, ranging from trendy to traditional may not literally translate to water, the sea, or one of the most well-known personality traits of a person born under the Pisces sign, but they still embrace the essence of the well-meaning zodiac sign.

  • Ren: In Japanese, Ren is a beautiful boy’s name meaning “water lily” or “lotus.”
  • Winifred: From the Welsh language, Winifred means “blessed” and “reconciled.”
  • Clio: Clio means “glory” in Greek.
  • Rahim: In the Islamic religious tradition, Rahim is one of Allah’s 99 names, and it means “merciful.”
  • Delia: In German, Delia means “pleasant.”
  • Rumi: This beautiful Japanese girls’ name means "beauty,” “current,” and “flow.”
  • Lucy: This Old English name means “light.”
  • Frey: Frey is the ruler of peace and fertility in Norse mythology, as well as one to control sunlight and rain. Also, he was supposedly quite handsome.
  • Hugo: This cute name, means “mind” or “intellect” and is the Latinized version of the name Hugh.
  • Ethan: A popular boys name, Ethan means “strong” or “firm” and is of Hebrew origin.
  • Odin: A magician, Odin is the name of the powerful viking Norse God of arts, culture, wisdom, and war. He is considered to be immensely wise.
  • February: If January and April can be considered unique and beautiful baby names, February can, too. Obviously fitting if your child is born in the second month of the year.
  • Selina: This beautiful girls name is a variant of Selene, and it means “moon.”

The beauty of Pisces is that its status as a water sign inspires all kinds of great names for boys and girls. You need only go swimming in the options to discover the perfect choice for your child.

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