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24 Luminous Baby Names That Mean "Light"

Perfect for the light of your life.

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All the smiles, giggles, and coos from our babies are just a tiny measure of the light they bring into our lives. And choosing a baby name that expresses their radiance is something you should definitely consider. Baby names that mean light have been pretty popular recently. So while you’re creating your list of names that you can see your baby with, you want to add these too. And your options are quite plentiful. These names are elegant, exotic, naturally warm, and way outside of the norm. There is nothing ordinary about them.

If you’ve been stressing over your baby name options, we feel you. But be reassured, you’re not being too picky! This is the name your baby will carry for the rest of their life, and that’s a pretty big deal. Why shouldn’t it be one that brightens someone’s day and illuminates the world?

Some of these baby names that mean light are kind of obvious, like Dawn. But did you know the famous actress Sanaa Lathan’s name is African for shining light? Or that Zora means dawn? These bright lights surround us, and your baby will be among them.

While you’re scrolling through these top picks, test them out and imagine your baby beaming in your arms.



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The actor Lucille Ball, Lucy for short, is still known as one of the trailblazing women in comedy after lighting up television screens with her groundbreaking show I Love Lucy in the ’50s. Lucy, which means “light,” comes from English origins and was typically given to girls born at dawn. This bubbly name can also have fun spellings like Lucie or Luci. No matter which spelling you choose, your baby girl will be a ball of joy that brings so much light to those around her.



Some lights beam so brightly, while some sweetly steal through your window, kissing your face with their gentle glow. The Latin name Clara does both. While it means “bright and clear,” you can’t deny its gentle sound. This ideal blend of regality and tenderness is the perfect name for the little girl that you already love so much!



Nora is an Irish name that you can’t not put on your list because it actually means “light.” It’s simple yet elegant and carries a charm. Everyone in your baby’s light will be drawn into her orb, including you, and as the center of attention, she’ll do nothing but beam.



Luca is a bright explorer’s name. Very similar to the main character from the new Disney and Pixar movie Luca. In line with the beautiful culture in the film, the name is derived from the Latin language and means “bringer of light.” Imagine your son being an energetic force that lights up your family and everyone they meet!



If you can already feel that your baby girl will have a radiant personality, consider naming her Phoebe. It’s Greek and means “radiant, shining one.” In Greek mythology, it was also another name for the goddess of the moon. A more pop culture representation is the character Phoebe from Friends. She brought humor, joy, and an undeniable brightness to every scene.



Aurora is simply enchanting. It is Latin and means “dawn.” It’s also Sleeping Beauty’s name. If you’re into Disney’s Maleficient at all, you can appreciate Aurora’s light that drew in everyone she met.



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Alina is an Armenian name meaning “light.” But not only will your baby be a light, but she will also be strong and independent with a beautiful name.



Can you imagine your little Beacon being a strong one who is full of light? That’s what this name brings. Its origins are English, and it means “signal light.” So, your child will definitely have leadership traits.



Ok, I seriously don’t think I could love this name any more than I already do. And you’ll love it too. Faven is an African name, more specifically Eritrean, and means “light.” Having this name, with its uniqueness, is a gift to this list.



Dawn has always sounded pretty and like an easygoing personality. It comes from the Old English language and means “first appearance of light.”



Eleanor is the girl with the old soul. The name has a biblical association, and in Hebrew, it means “God is my light.” The most famous woman with this name is the U.S. First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, who was a civil rights activist and advocated for women’s rights. If she’s any proof, your baby girl will use her light to help others in a major way.



Maybe it’s because it begins with Ki, but Kiran is such a kind name. Like the morning sunlight that sweeps into your window and gently brushes your eyes open. The name derives from the Hindi language and means “beam of light.”



Eliora sounds like a beautiful mixup of Elaine and Aurora. With Hebrew origins, the name means “God is my light.” It’s not a very popular name, but that’s all the more reason to choose it because your daughter is already one of a kind.



This beautiful light and airy name is captivating. Ciana is Italian and means “light” or “God is gracious.” I’m honestly surprised there isn’t an animated princess with this name already.



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The name Iliana just dances in the air when you say it, and your little girl will shine. I’m not kidding. It has Spanish origins and literally means “ray of light.”



While you’re probably used to hearing Chandler, maybe feeling like something was left off of this name, Chand stands true on its own. It originated in Sanskrit and means “moon” or “light.” Light comes in many different ways, so look for all the of your baby will grow to show their positive individualism.



Have you heard this name before? Leora is Hebrew for a girl meaning “light.” But I think of it like lé-ora as in the ora of light that will surround your little one.



All light shines a bit differently and Mahina definitely embodies that. The name is Hawaiian and means “moonlight.” But before knowing its origins, the name just has a tropical and beachy vibe. Can you imagine your sweet baby girl with this name?



Meyer is a very different take on an ‘M’ name, but interesting nonetheless. It’s Hebrew for “bringer of light.” Although it’s used as a last name in the U.S., why not bring something new to this generation of kids.



Nahara is not only exotic (I’m thinking of the Sahara desert) but it sounds like your little one will have a magnetism that pulls others in. The name is Aramaic for “light.”



The famous actress Sanaa Lathan is an example of the radiance your baby will emanate. The name is African for “work of art” or “shining light.”



Zia is a unisex name, but it’s given to a boy in Hebrew and means “light.” Zia is simple but definitely stands out amongst the typical pool of names.



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Lucian is a name that teeters between old school and classic. It is Latin for “light,” and if you like to have a trending name for your children, sticking with lu- like Lucy or Luke, then this would be a fun addition.



Nuri, which sounds like the name Suri, is sleek, simple, and has the sweetest sound. The name itself is unisex and its origins are Arabic and Hebrew and mean “light “ or “my fire.”

While choosing your baby’s name is a ton of pressure, try to lean in to the process. When you find the right one, it will overshadow all the others and fit into your heart and family like the missing piece that you’ve been waiting for on this journey.

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