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These rainbow baby names are filled with hope.

46 Rainbow Baby Names Filled With Hope

Make their name just as special as they are.

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Having a rainbow baby is so special, but it also brings an immeasurable amount of emotion to a parent. For those who aren't familiar, a rainbow baby is an infant who's born after the loss of a previous baby due to miscarriage or stillbirth. Because miscarriage is the most common type of pregnancy loss, there are many moms who know what it means to have a rainbow baby, even if they don’t speak about it publicly. Oftentimes, rainbow baby names become a very significant part of the pregnancy journey and newborn life after loss.

Many parents will admit that not all of the emotions that go hand-in-hand with a rainbow baby are positive ones (and that’s totally fine). In addition to the joy that comes with having a baby after a loss, there is also fear, doubt, and guilt. It’s important to remember that bringing a new life into the world after losing a baby does not mean you’re taking away from a previous loss or grieving incorrectly. Instead, a rainbow baby can carry on the love parents will always have for the baby they lost, while truly creating the feeling of beauty after the storm.

With any pregnancy — but especially one as riddled with emotions as a rainbow pregnancy — there are many significant milestones that often hold a deep meaning. One of these can be finding the right name to honor both your rainbow baby and your experience. Below is a list of meaningful name ideas that signify hope, happiness, blessings, miracles, and more.


Names That Signify Hope

Arabella is a really unique name that means “answered prayer,” and if you’re religious, that may feel extra special. It comes from the Latin word orabilis, and it’s just such a lovely and elegant option.

Claire is a Latin name that means "bright" or "clear." It’s a gorgeous one-syllable name that is both feminine and strong, and it’s easy to remember, while still not being super common. Any daughter named Claire will add brightness and light to your life.

Elena means “bright, shining light,” which is beautiful for a rainbow baby. It’s the Greek version of Helen, but also has Spanish, Italian, and German roots. We love how it signifies that your baby is a shining beacon of light.

Hope is an English name, meaning "hope" (obviously). The name always brings a hopeful, calm feeling to anyone who hears it, and this could be the perfect name for your little one, as having a rainbow baby is a profound act of hope.

Jesse is another great unisex name for parents who are religious. It means “gift of God,” and it has Hebrew origins. I love how this perfectly describes what your rainbow baby really is: a gift from a higher power when you needed it the most.

Luke is a name that means "light giving,” which is perfect for rainbow babies who bring brightness and hope with them after a long period of darkness. Your kiddo will be in good company with Luke Perry and Luke Wilson.

Nadia is a name that signifies "hope" in the Russian, Slavic, and American meaning of the name. It’s unusual, but still simple and classic and could pair well other other Russian names like Anastasia, Alexei, or Elena.

Phoebe means "radiant or shining one.” It's a name of Greek origin and is seen in Greek mythology as the goddess of the moon and of hunting. In addition to being a bright life in your light, your little one will share a name with Phoebe from Friends, which is a real treat for everyone.

Raphael is a Hebrew name that means "God has healed." You’ll never forget your loss, but having a rainbow baby is a profound act of healing that’s beautifully commemorated by this name. Plus your kiddo may appreciate sharing a name with the famous, red bandana-wearing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Von is a mid-century name that means "hope." It was once used as a surname but has become a modern standalone name. You may associate this name with the first half of certain German or Austrian last names (like the Von Trapp family), but it’s a perfectly unique first name, too.


Names Associated With Happiness

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Amy is a French name that means "beloved" or "dearly loved," which seems like the perfect choice for a rainbow baby. It can also be spelled as “Aimee” or “Ami.” This name could rise in popularity thanks to the most recent Little Women adaptation where middle sister Amy was played by Florence Pugh.

Anthony is a name that means "priceless" and is derived from the Latin name "Antonius." Rainbow babies feel like prized and priceless gifts. If you want to change it up and give this name a unique twist, you could take a nod from Queer Eye and spell this after the resident chef, Antoni Porowski.

Asher means "fortunate, blessed happy one" and can be used as a name for a baby boy or girl (Nameberry reported this name as drastically rising in popularity, specifically for girls). Ash makes for a strong nickname, plus (hopefully) they’ll love sharing a name with one of Santa’s reindeer.

Beatrice is a name that means "she who brings happiness," which of course is exactly what rainbow babies do. This name is of Latin and Italian descent, and with an accent on the E it becomes a French name. I love the nickname Bea, which has been gaining momentum in recent years.

Celeste is a name derived from the French word "céleste," which means "heavenly." The name is soft but strong and evokes an image of a beautiful starry night sky. Some families use Cece as a nickname for this name, but whether you keep it full length or shorten it, it’s a beautiful name.

Felicity is a name that means "happiness or good fortune," derived from the Latin word "felicitas," which also means "luck" and "good fortune" and comes from the same root as “feliz” (like Feliz Navidad). Plus there is an American Girl doll with the same name, which should make the perfect gift.

Felix is a male version of Felicity and also means “happiness or fortunate.” This name captures the feeling of gratitude and joy you may have after delivering a rainbow baby, plus there will never be any shortages of reading material with their name in it, thanks to Felix the Cat.

Isaac is a Hebrew name that means “one who laughs” or “he will laugh,” and, honestly, just picturing an adorable baby boy giggling is enough to make anyone feel all the happiness feels.

Jayden is a Hebrew name that means “thankful.” This name seems to be growing in popularity and is a nice twist on Aiden or Jason. It works for either boys or girls. If you prefer older names, the name Jadon is an alternative that appears in the Old Testament of the bible.

Joy, derived from the Old French, means... joy! Like the bumper sticker says, "Don't postpone joy."


Names That Indicate Blessings

Adom is an African name that means "God's blessing." The Egyptian meaning of the name also means "help from the gods." Sometimes a rainbow baby feels so special, like there must have been some sort of divine intervention.

Angela is a name associated with French, Spanish, Italian, American, Greek, and Latin meanings — all of which translate to "angel" or "messenger of God." This name is both spiritual and popular, and if you want a slight variant you could opt for Angelina (and buy all the Angelina Ballerina books).

Beatrix means "blessed." It's also a name largely associated with the creator of Peter Rabbit and one of the Queens of The Netherlands.

Benedict is a Latin name meaning "blessed.” It's also the name of the Italian saint Benedict of Nursia who founded the Benedictine order of monks and nuns. It’s a strong name many people associate with Benedict Cumberbatch or Benedict Arnold, and Ben is an easy nickname.

Bennett is the medieval form of the name "blessed.” It’s often seen as a combination of the names Beckett and Benjamin, but it stands beautifully on its own and can work for either sex. Ben or Bene make great nicknames, and if you and your partner are Tony Bennett fans, this could be a great choice.

Grace means "grace from God," and is an English baby name derived from the Latin word "gratia." This one-syllable name is gaining in popularity with some families choosing the variation of Grayson for girl or boy. The beautiful and classic names Hannah and Anne also translate to Grace.

Gia, a beautiful Italian name, means “God’s gracious gift,” which we love. While you can just name your baby Gia, it could also be short for Gianna or Giovanna.

Gwyneth, a name of Welsh origin, means "blessed, happy.” You may not be able to hear this name without thinking of the Goop creator and actor, Gwyneth Paltrow, but she’s not a bad person with whom to share a namesake. Gwyn or Gwyndolin are also lovely variations on the same.

Theodore is a Greek name that means “gift of God,” and again, this really does describe your miracle baby. Let’s not also forget that Teddy is just the cutest nickname for a little one, which is certainly a nice perk. Theodora is the beautiful female version of this name.

Winifred (or Winnie for short) is a Welsh name that means "blessed peacemaking." It has a calming, soft sound to it, and Winn makes a beautiful name for either sex. Be prepared to get tons of Winnie The Pooh memorabilia as baby gifts, which isn’t such a bad trade off for such a strong name.


Names That Convey A Miracle

Aaron is a name associated with the words lofty, exalted, and high mountain. According to She Knows, Aaron was the first high priest of the Israelites, remembered for the miraculous blossoming of his staff. Having a rainbow baby may feel like no small feat, and Aaron is the perfect name to commemorate this milestone.

Amari is an American name that means "miracle of God." Although it was originally thought of as a male name, it is now also used for females as well.

Ayah is an Arabic name meaning "miracle". This name has a gorgeous smooth sound, and can also be spelled “Aya” which has a slightly different meaning, “colorful or bird.” This uncommon and unexpected name is perfect for rainbow babies who often feel like a true miracle or an answer to your prayers.

Dorothea is a German name meaning "gift of God.” It’s a beautiful variation on Dorothy. This name is beautiful on its own, or it can be shortened to Dot or Dottie. Plus, if you name your daughter Dorothea, she’ll share a name with famed photographer Dorothea Lange.

Eliana means "my God has answered.” While this name is Hebrew in origin, it’s a very multicultural choice and is used in Israel, Spain, Portugal, Russia and Italy. This rhythmic name is an elegant and feminine choice, especially if you feel like your rainbow baby was a long-awaited answered prayer.

Jonathan is a Hebrew name meaning "Jehovah has given" or "given of God.” It's a name that's commonly associated with the author of Gulliver's Travels (Jonathan Swift), and the name also maintains biblical roots. Some may choose to shorten this name to Jon, though the name sounds strong on its own, too.

Matthew (or Matthias) is from the Hebrew name "Matityahu," which means "Gift from God." The name has been popular since the 1960s and there won’t be anyone in your life that doesn’t “get” this name. If you’re looking for a slightly less popular variation, you could try going with the French version, Matteo instead (which sometimes gets shortened to Teo).

Mira is a name with the Latin meaning "wonderful" and "marvelous." Some see it as a shortened version of the word "miracle." Another definition tied to the name Mira from the American and Hebrew meaning is "bitter," which can also be associated with the bittersweet feeling of a rainbow baby.

Nathan (or Nathaniel) means "gift of God” and is originally a Hebrew name, though now it is used across many cultures. Its biblical roots also mean "giving" or "rewarded." Many Nathans end up going by the short nickname Nate, and this name may capture the gift of having a rainbow baby.

Samuel is a Hebrew name that means "asked of God" or "heard by God," and is a meaningful and precise name for anyone who feels like their baby was a gift. The feminine version of this name is Samantha, and both names can be shortened to Sam.


Names That Literally Translate To "Rainbow"

Amitola is a Native American name that means “rainbow,” and is certainly a unique option for a girl’s name. A really cute nickname idea for this one is Ami, and I love how that sounds.

Daneiris is an English variant of "Daenerys" (major Game of Thrones props), and some of the meanings this name is associated with are the "iris flower," "rainbow," and "grace." This name is typically thought of for girls, though it can go either way, and if you’re looking for a cute nickname you can quickly call, Dani is a good choice.

Iris, according to Greek Mythology, was the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. This beautiful and classic name brings brightness everywhere it’s heard and it also evokes the flower by the same name. Iris flowers are commonly thought of as purple, but they actually come in a wide variety of colors, which is why they got this rainbow name.

Jalus is of Tibetan origin and means "rainbow body." No one else in your little one’s class is likely to share the unique name, and if you’re worried it sounds a bit too much like the word “jealous,” you could opt for the more literal name “Rainbeau” which often gets shortened to the sweet and strong “Beau.”

Rainbow means, well, rainbow, of course. In a world where the more unique a name is, the better, there is absolutely no reason you can’t name your little bundle of joy Rainbow after their origin story. Rainy is a sweet nickname option for this one.

Walken is a Noongar Aboriginal word, and it means “rainbow.” It’s also a unique name for a baby boy, and I love that the nickname could be “Walker” or something similar. If you want something special and different, this is it.