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These Addams Family Halloween Costumes Are Perfect For Your Creepy Clan

The family that slays together, stays together.

“They’re creepy and they’re kooky. Mysterious and spooky. They’re altogether ooky, The Addams Family!” If you know and love the lyrics to that opening theme song, then you’re probably a rabid fan of The Addams Family. What started as a cartoon for The New Yorker by Charles Addams back in the 1930s has spawned not just a hit TV show in the 1960s, but subsequent movies and books, too. So if you’re looking to dress up like that frightening family, these Addams Family Halloween costumes will give you the chills.

There’s something eerily endearing about The Addams Family. They are a fiercely loyal clan (well, when they’re not trying to kill each other). You have to admire how they are utterly themselves, despite outside influences to conform. So what if they live in a mansion next to a cemetery and a swamp, or that their kids play with guillotines on the regular? This family lives their truth, even if that means some really insane stuff, like sawing a banister in the hopes it will collapse and kill someone. And then, of course, there’s no denying that incredible chemistry between Gomez and Morticia Addams, which is pretty impressive considering that they have young (and fairly homicidal) children to contend with.

So get ready to bring on the black, and get creepy with these Addams Family Halloween costumes that will remind you that the family that slays together, stays together.

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Gomez Addams Family Costume

Gomez Addams knows how to wear a suit. And this Gomez Addams costume has almost everything you’ll need to look like the patriarch of this freaky family. The purple and black stripes in the suit really pop, and the costume also comes with an attached striped shirt and bow tie. To make the look really work, you’ll need a moustache (either bought or, you know, grown), and Addams’ signature cigar. While the size of the stripes on his suit has changed over the years (sometimes they’re a pinstripe, and other times wider), it’s all about elegance and looking like a dapper don.


Morticia Addams Family Costume

Let’s face it: Morticia Addams doesn’t dress like any mommas we know. And that’s what makes her so freakin’ fabulous. Just like her husband Gomez, Morticia has a signature lewk and knows how to rock it. She is always in a long black floor-length dress with a sweetheart neckline and mermaid bottom that makes her look like she’s gliding instead of walking. And that’s what you’ll find with this Morticia Addams costume, constructed from black velvet, which might warm you up on a cold Halloween night. Make sure to have a long black wig and some long blood-red nails to make Morticia proud.


Uncle Fester Addams Family Costume

Although he looks quite menacing, Uncle Fester is actually a big mush, and dotes on his niece Wednesday and nephews Pugsley and Pubert. His role in the family has shifted over time (originally he was Morticia’s uncle but then became known as Gomez’s brother), but he is a much-beloved member of the macabre family. The Uncle Fester costume is fairly straightforward (it’s a hooded robe with a belt cord), but once you add some face makeup (don’t forget the super dark circles around the eyes), bald head, and bright light bulb, Uncle Fester will light up — literally.


Lurch Addams Family Costume

Lurch is one loyal servant. As the booming butler to The Addams Family, he’s pretty imposing (he’s reported to be 6 ft 9 inches tall). And while he might not be the best butler on the block, he tries, bless his cold heart, which is reported to be the only body part that is from an Addams, making him a true part of the family. Although he looks quite put together in his Lurch costume, he’s actually just that — put together, as it’s rumored that Lurch has some Frankenstein-esque qualities. The costume comes with a jacket and faux shirt, along with pants, bowtie, and face mask.


Thing Addams Family Prop

Technically it’s more of a prop than a costume, but the dismembered Thing is an important part of The Addams Family. Thing T. Thing (and later just known as Thing) originally started out as a monster who was so hideous to look at that only his human hand could be shown. Just like Lurch, Thing is quick to offer a helping hand (Ha). So of course, Thing has to be included in your family’s costume caper. This 3D printed hand sculpture of Thing is hand painted to look just like the real, um, Thing.


Cousin Itt Addams Family Costume

Probably one of the cutest of all The Addams Family characters, Cousin Itt is a fun costume to wear. He first appeared in the 1964 TV show, and is a small, hairy individual. He’s the cousin of Gomez Addams, and is never seen without his bowler hat and sunglasses. And that’s exactly what you’ll be wearing with the Cousin Itt costume, which is made from soft straw. It’s approximately 66 inches long, and is a one-size-fits-all costume. It has arm and face holes, so you’ll be able to breathe, but just be sure that you have someone to guide you around… jussst in case. And if you get a spill on it, it’s best to spot clean the costume so that Cousin Itt’s long luscious locks don’t get frizzy.


Pugsley Addams Family Costume

A chilling child if ever there were one, Pugsley Addams originally was the oldest child of Morticia and Gomez Addams. A fan of explosives and guillotines, Pugsley is one of those kids you really need to keep an eye on… or else. He’s almost always seen wearing a striped shirt, black shorts, and shoes. This Pugsley Addams costume comes with the same striped shirt, and a face mask that looks kind of innocent — and kind of creepy, too. If you still have some summer clothes floating around your house, you can always DIY this costume with simply a shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes, (especially if your child isn’t a fan of face masks), and there will be no mistaking Pugsley in the pictures.


Wednesday Addams Family Costume

The original goth girl, Wednesday Addams is one kiddo you don’t want to mess with. Whether she’s doing a deep dive into all things related to the Bermuda Triangle, or, you know, just death in general, she’s a creepy cool kiddo. The Wednesday Addams costume features the classic black and white dress that the little girl is known for. You can pair it with some black tights and shoes or boots for an eerie ensemble. A black wig braided into pigtails will make your Wednesday scary yet still sweet.


Plus Size Morticia Addams Costume

She’s sultry enough all on her own, but in this plus size Morticia costume, you’ll be slaying everyone at the Halloween party — in a good way. The form-fitting black dress has a plunging neckline to show off your best assets, and sleeves that have a long and slightly tattered, tentacle-like look. But with a gown this gorgeous, you definitely want to be subtle in other areas, just like Morticia is. Because if you’ve ever noticed, she’s always soft-spoken, especially when she’s speaking in French to her husband, Gomez. Carry around a bouquet of roses with this sexy gown, but just be sure to cut off the buds, since Morticia is only interested in the thorns.


Adult Wednesday Addams Costume

Yes, yes, you could technically be Wednesday’s mother, but the fun really lies in dressing up as the macabre girl all grown up. And you can do just that in The Addams Family Wednesday Adult Costume. The costume comes with her signature dress (complete with white collar and cuffs), and her belt. The look might be Puritanical meets purgatory, but it works for Wednesday Addams, so it’ll work for you, too. Put your hair into braids if you can, wear all black tights and shoes, and you’ll live up to the “Monday’s Child” nursery rhyme which has the line: “Wednesday’s child is full of woe,” which is what inspired creator Charles Addams to name Wednesday Addams that in the first place.


Adult Pugsley Addams Costume

Your partner wants to dress up as an adult Pugsley to your adult Wednesday? Not a problem with this Adult Pugsley Costume. It has everything you’ll need to play the part of the precocious Pugsley, including a jumpsuit that features his classic striped shirt and shorts. It even has a mask and an oversized belly for the kiddo who has been known to eat five slices of cake at birthday parties! The best part of this easy breezy costume is that you’ll only need socks and sneaks and your partner is trick-or-treating ready.


Adult Uncle Fester Costume

The Adult Uncle Fester Costume from Party City lets you play the part, without anyone having to shave their head. It comes with a faux-fur collared long line jacket. The mask looks just like Uncle Fester, complete with bald head and sunken dark eyes. Be sure to wear all black underneath your outfit so that you fit in with the rest of the fam. It’s pretty fashionable for someone who enjoys feeding blood plasma to his garden plants as his pastime, and whose name, as he likes to point out, means “to rot.”

Dressing up as any member of The Addams Family is scary enough, but when your entire family decides to go all-in and play the part of each member of the ghoulish group, it just makes Halloween that much more morbid — and marvelous. And if all this creepiness has gotten you in the mood for more, well, you won’t have to wait. Netflix will be airing an Addams Family-inspired series, Wednesday. The 8-episode series will focus on Wednesday Addams, now a student at Nevermore Academy, as she uses her supernatural skills to solve mysteries. Sounds spooktacular to us.