Allyson Felix's shoe brand has a new "maternity returns policy."
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Allyson Felix's Shoe Brand Will Send You A New Pair When Your Feet Change During Pregnancy

Saysh has introduced a new “maternity returns policy” and it’s so simple.

by Jen McGuire

Pregnancy changes your body in so many ways and so quickly it can be difficult to keep up mentally, let along physically. Maternity wear has come a long way in the past few decades, sure, but there’s still one area that many people seem to forget: an expectant parent’s swollen, changing feet. And Olympian Allyson Felix wants to change that with a new “maternity returns policy” through her lifestyle brand Saysh. Expectant parents can exchange their shoes during pregnancy when their feet change size, and this is an idea that is so brilliant, it seems impossible it didn’t already exist.

A pregnant person’s foot size can increase for several reasons, according to the Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Foundation. There are the hormonal changes that occur and cause a loosening of the ligaments in your feet as well as fluid and tissue accumulation in legs, ankles, and feet. Feet can change in length and width, which means shoe size changes as well.

As a mom of 2-year-old daughter Camryn and 11-time Olympic medalist in track and field, Felix understands how important shoes truly are. Her shoe brand Saysh has introduced a new maternity return policy. “Introducing the Saysh Maternity Returns Policy. It’s about time someone did something like this. I’m continuing to learn how important it is to create change instead of kindly asking for it,” Felix announced on Instagram.

Felix went on to explain how perfectly simple the maternity returns policy for Saysh Ones sneakers is for pregnant people: “Here’s what it means. Women’s feet can change size during their pregnancy. If you own a pair of Saysh Ones and your feet change size due to pregnancy we’ll send you a new pair. Pretty simple and straight forward.”

This return policy is the first of its kind in the shoe industry, and the maternity returns policy is based on the “honor system,” the company shared with Good Morning America. “Pregnant customers who have previously purchased a pair of Saysh Ones — either directly from Saysh or through a wholesale partner — just have to send the brand an email, and Saysh will send them the sneakers,” the company explained.

The maternity returns policy is already getting rave reviews from Felix’s social media followers. “Women give up so much of themselves to bare children. To have a shoe company who understands that, while it may not seem like a very big deal to some, giving up your shoe size really is an emotional and physical adjustment. Thank you Allyson,” one commented. A new mom of twin boys Ashley Graham simply added an applause emoji.

Pregnant people deserve to have shoes that fit, and when that fit changes it’s about time that a company is willing to work with them to make it better. As Saysh notes on its shoe box, “Equality Over Antiquity.”