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3.5-foot animatronic yoda halloween decoration from home depot
Home Depot

Yes, You Do Need A 3.5-Foot Tall Animatronic Yoda For Halloween (& Christmas)

Bring the fight for the galaxy to your front lawn.

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It’s always the right time of year for Star Wars, but the obvious time to go all-out with your fandom is Halloween, of course. And now, you can have your very own little Yoda at home with this 3.5-foot animatronic Yoda from Home Depot. Whether you’re a devoted fan who always posts about the franchise on May 4th, or you just fancy this wise little Jedi, you’re going to love all the special features of this new animatronic Yoda.

The Home Accents Holiday Yoda from The Home Depot retails for $199, and is available online and in stores July 13. He’s designed with a life-like servo motor head and mouth that move realistically enough you might just forget he’s only a decoration. This Yoda has an LED lightsaber that illuminates in his signature Jedi green and swings back and forth like he’s in a battle. He has motion-activated reactions, so passersby will hear him speak (in that famous inverted way that he does) and show them a thing or two about lightsaber technique. His ominous little Halloween sign reads “Beware of the dark side, you must!”

While $199 is no small fee for a Halloween decoration, you might actually be able to justify the price when you hear this: Yoda comes with a witch’s hat for Halloween, and a Christmas outfit too, so you can redress him and use him through the end of the holidays too.

Home Depot

Want the entire cast of Star Wars to decorate with this year? Home Depot also carries this cutesy Darth Vader inflatable, complete with a tombstone and memorable movie quote, as well as a 6.5-foot tall Mando and Baby Yoda inflatable, for fans of The Mandalorian. Speaking of Mando, do you think Home Depot will ever come out with a life-size Halloween figure of Pedro Pascal? Asking for a friend.

Anyway, don’t delay if you want one of these animatronic Yodas for your home or front porch. They’ll be available at Home Depot on July 13. May be the force be with you.

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