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Aries, Your 2022 Horoscope Says Success Is On The Way

It's all about getting more serious about work and relationships, Ram.

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As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries always “rams” its way right into the New Year. (Ha.) But there is so much more to this oft-understood sign than its purely passionate way of being and its fierce independence. Thing is, unlike other signs that can tend to piggyback off of the previous ones, Aries is a leader unlike any other. And that’s why it’s even more important to know your Aries horoscope for 2022, because then you can be even more prepared for world domination (or, you know, just know what to expect in terms of family and finances).

Even though 2021 was, in some ways, the miserable sequel to 2020, it seems that 2022 will be the year that the tides turn for Aries. That shouldn’t be a shocker, considering that Aries has a complete can-do attitude, even in the most dire of moments. And it will be that tenacity that takes you through 2022, and sees you not just surviving, but thriving. That’s right, the New Year will bring about big changes for you, Aries. Sure, you might be a bit ragey at times (you can chalk that up to Mars being your ruling planet), but that’s just because you’re intense about things that matter to you.

So let’s look to the sky and see what’s in store for you, Aries, because it’s bound to be a year of personal goals, self-reinvention, and deep healing… if you’re ready for it.


If your love life has felt a bit off, Aries, you’re right. But that was so 2021. Come the New Year, be ready to embrace a more serious side to your relationships. “With Saturn, our planet of structure and hard work, in your 11th house of communities and friendships, things may feel slightly limiting in the realm of relationships at times,” Jordane Maree, an astrologer and creator of Girl and Her Moon. “While this may not sound overly supportive, we know that Saturn is all about parenting ourselves in a healthy way and taking well thought steps towards building something that will last.” What this means for you, Aries, is that you’re going to take a much more pragmatic approach to love, whether that’s building a formal relationship with your partner — or walking away from someone who no longer serves you. It might also be the time to take that leap and meet someone who you feel you’ve known forever. And since Saturn is all about foundation, working on the base of your relationships will eventually flourish into a healthy (and happier) love.


Can you say, “Mo money, mo money, mo money?” Well, you will, Aries, in 2022. In the New Year, you can expect some serious abundance, but that’s not to say you’re going to hit the lotto. Even though you might have opportunities to make that cash, you’ll need to do the work in order for it to materialize. “Our beautiful planet of abundance, expansion, luck and joy, Jupiter, will be in your sign from May to October, Aries – and when we say Jupiter is the planet of abundance, we mean it,” explains Maree. “With Eclipses occurring in both your 2nd house of value and money, and 8th house of partnership, money, and transformation throughout the year there will be powerful zaps of energy moving toward your relationship with money.” The only question will be: are you ready for it?


Even though you might seem to have a thick skin, you’re a true softie for those you hold near and dear, like your family. “Your family life sits in a very intimate and emotional energy within your chart, Aries,” says Maree. “And since 2018 there has been an emphasis on healing within your family, particularly within you and how you allow yourself to show up within your family.” And if things have felt slightly contentious within your family, expect that to dissipate stepping into 2022. You’ll feel a deeper sense of calm with all things home and family-related, so be prepared to soak up the zen — and the snuggles — with your kiddos. Part of that has to do with where you are spiritually as well. Says Dunn: “Your heart is softening this year as you become more attuned spiritually.”


Where you will see some major shifts will be in the workplace, Aries. This will be the time for some introspection to figure out if your work aligns with your head… and your heart. “Your career is likely changing, and the way you earn income needs to become more innovative,” Wanica Dunn, an astrologer, tells Romper. But why is this happening? “Early in the year, you have both Venus and Mercury retrograde in your career sector, and Mercury again in December,” explains Maree. “These cosmic events are asking you to take a moment to reflect on the direction you are walking in in terms of your career, to ask yourself if you are fulfilled – both emotionally and financially.” And if you’re not, then this will be the year to make that radical change that has been meant for you all along.

Aries, 2022 has the recurring theme of reinvention written all over it. Before you can step into even bigger greatness, though, you’ll need to be aware that these changes are coming — and know that you deserve them, too.

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