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7 Fascinating Facts About Aries Babies

What to know about your spring-born, fire sign babe.

Spring is an amazing time to have a baby. The weather is warm but not too hot, the flowers are out, plus you don’t have to wrangle a squirmy infant into a snowsuit everytime you leave the house, which in itself is a blessing. If you have an Aries child (born March 20 through April 19) or one is on the way, you’ll want to check out these seven facts and benefits about Aries babies and kids.

As it turns out, in your Aries child, you may have an optimistic future CEO on your hands. Or a night owl without any allergies. If nothing else, your Aries child will always know they’re in good company with celebrities like Lady Gaga and Lil Nas X sharing the ram sign, plus, having an baby whose birthday falls in April is a lovely excuse to buy yourself a diamond.

And while this facts may not be written in the stars, per se, and there’s usually a pretty good reason why people of the same zodiac sign share certain traits (exposure to sunlight in the womb, for example, or how old they are compared to other classmates) it’s still fun to glean a little about the parts of your child that make them a tried and true ram ( super competitive ring any bells?).


They’ll Have A Sunny Outlook

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Your Aries baby may have a natural glass half-full mentality. “March, April, and May babies, you score high on the hyperthymia scale,” per Time magazine. Not to be confused with hypothermia, hyperthymia means a positive mood and disposition, so you can expect smiles and a sunny attitude from your little one.


They May Prefer To Go To Bed Later

This may not be a benefit, per se, especially when you’re trying to get your baby down for the night, but at least you may be able to take them with you to that 8 p.m. dinner reservation when they get a little older. According to a 2009 study, babies born in spring and summer went to bed and reached midpoint of sleep later than those born in fall and winter. So don’t be surprised if you have a night owl on your hands, and hey, maybe this means they’ll sleep in (wishful thinking).


They Share A Sign With Some Legendary People

Your Aries baby is in excellent company by sharing a sign with some amazing celebrities and historical figures. Famous Aries include Lil Nas X, Lady Gaga, Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon, Celine Dion, Eddie Murphy, Leonardo da Vinci, Jackie Chan, and so many more.


They May Be Less Likely To Have Allergies

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Your Aries baby may be able to breath easy as certain studies have shown that asthma and allergies are less common in spring babies.

These findings surprisingly extend to food allergies as well with one 2010 study finding that Boston-based children born in fall and winter were more likely to have food allergies. The thought is that this is because of reduced exposure to sunlight and UVBs, so if you live in a year-round sunny place, this may not be the case.


They Could Have A Competitive Streak

Aries are known for their driven, competitive natures. They’re strong-willed and tenacious (just like their sign’s animal, the ram). This will make for some fun and intense family game nights or trips to the mini golf course. Be ready for everything to become a game, which can work in your favor when you say things like, “let’s see who can get their shoes on fastest.”


Their Birthstone Will Either Be Aquamarine Or Diamond

Aries season goes from March 20 through April 19, and if your baby is born on the March-side of the sign, their birthstone is an aquamarine, a beautiful blue-toned gem. Lucky April babes get the diamond as their month’s stone, so feel free to buy yourself some diamond jewelry to commemorate their birth.


They May Be A Future CEO

You may be raising a future CEO or badass boss in your Aries baby as studies show spring-born babies are more likely to become CEOs when compared to babies born in summer. This isn’t written in the stars per se, but is more likely a result of the fact that spring babies are older than their summer-born classmates. This phenomenon, sometimes called the ‘birthdate effect’ posits that older kids may perform better academically and athletically.

Whether these facts about your Aries baby are truly written in the stars or they’re more a function of science, it’s fun to see what about your child is a trait of their zodiac sign, and what’s unique to them.