baby Ramen noodles Halloween costume
These Are The Cutest Baby Halloween Costumes On Etsy

Get that camera ready.

Sure, you could shop at a big box retailer for your kid’s costume, but where’s the homey, handmade quality in that? Especially for Baby’s first Halloween, you might want to find an outfit that is more meaningful, and one that in theory you might like to save, either for a future sibling or simply as a snapshot of a moment in time. But if your DIY skills are slightly subpar, you may need to look elsewhere, like to the artisans on Etsy, to create an ensemble for you. These baby Halloween costumes on Etsy are all handmade — and all are absolutely adorable.

Your child has many, many years of being a caped crusader, or a princess, or any other costume that’s available on Amazon or on a store shelf. But for their first foray into the world of trick-or-treating, ghosts and goblins, (and all that candy), it’s cuter to have a costume that someone, somewhere, spent time creating with their own hands. One that you can literally see the love in every stitch, and that you can’t find anywhere else. And that’s what makes baby Halloween costumes on Etsy unlike anything else you could possibly put on your baby.

Get ready to ooh and aah over the costumes (and the creativity!) that you’ll find when you scroll through Etsy searching for Baby’s Halloween costume. It’ll definitely be a treat that’s just as good as finding a full-sized candy bar in your Halloween basket.

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Mummy Baby Halloween Costume

You love your Baby, and they love ya right back. And if you had any doubts, just check out this I Love My Mummy Halloween onesie from Etsy seller Foreverbabycompany. Although you can select the onesie, pants, hat, and bow separately, it’s really cuter to wrap it all up (ha) in one complete costume. It’s available in sizes 0-3 months all the way to 3T, and is made from soft cotton. It’s also one of those costumes that can definitely double as an outfit to put your baby in before Halloween, so you can get some extra mileage out of it.


Minion Girls Baby Halloween Costume

When you think about it, your baby has a lot in common with a Minion. They’re little, they’re adorable, and they babble in a way that you can’t quite understand. So let your little one be Bob the Minion to your Gru in this adorable Minions Baby Girl Costume. Although you can order pretty much everything in the pic a la carte, how could you not put a bow and goggles on your baby? Really. The set comes with a onesie top and blue tutu, and then it’s up to you how authentic you want your kiddo’s costume to be. Gru would definitely approve — at least when he’s not trying to steal the moon.


Baby Halloween Cow Costume

Your baby will look moovelous in this baby cow costume from Etsy seller StudioLaineCC. The costume comes with a jumper and hat to keep Baby’s head warm while they trick-or-treat from the comfort of their baby carrier or stroller. This costume is designed for newborns, since it’s sized at 16.9 for the chest and 17.1 for length, but the material has some stretch in case your baby is a bit juicier. You could definitely get double duty out of this udderly adorable costume, using it for newborn portraits as well as for Halloween, too.


Baby Pumpkin Halloween Costume

There’s no better first Halloween costume for a baby than a pumpkin. And while you could probably pick one up at the store, this handmade baby pumpkin costume from Etsy seller ShopLittleThingsBaby is the cutest one in the patch. The set includes a pumpkin top, hat, and shoes. And because we love costumes that you can wear more than once, you can definitely take your lil’ pumpkin out to the farm and plop them among the other gourds for an aah-worthy photo. You can either opt to do a nudie thing underneath, or layer your baby in festive fall colors (think purple, black, or green) to make it look like your little one is the prettiest pumpkin around.


Old Lady Hat Baby Halloween Costume

What is it about babies and little kids dressing up as older people that’s just so precious? Your baby will look just like a little old lady with this fun crocheted baby curler hat. Etsy seller KnottedAmore has created a hat that looks like a little old lady heading to the beauty parlor, complete with curlers wrapping up those luscious locks. If you want, though, you can customize the color of the “hair” (which is actually yarn), in shades of brown, blonde, black, white, and even orange. Although the hat is cute enough on its own, all Baby will need to complete the look is a tiny bathrobe and glasses to look just like their Granny.


Baby Bat Halloween Costume

Everyone will go batty when you dress Baby up in a tiny bat costume. But you also want a costume that isn’t going to scratch your little squeaker, either. This one, from Etsy seller BlingBlingBabyByErin will keep your kiddo covered from head to toe. The black onesie has long sleeves, perfect for chilly Halloween nights, with already-attached wings that span from under your baby’s arms and attach alongside the abdomen. The 3D ears that stick out from the baby’s hat make the outfit even more realistic — and hilarious.


Princess Leia Baby Halloween Costume

If you or your partner are super fans of Star Wars, then dressing up your baby as Princess Leia is a no-brainer. This handmade crocheted baby Princess Leia costume from Etsy seller ValuableCr8tions looks just like the galactic goddess from the epic movie series. Not only does it include the iconic white dress (complete with grey belt), but it also comes with matching booties, and hat/wig in the same style that Carrie Fischer wore. And (swoon), the wig comes with a detachable pink flower. But if you want your baby to be a badass, you can always opt for the additional lightsaber.


Baby Boy Lion Costume

His cries might be quite loud, which is what makes this baby boy lion costume a perfect match. From Etsy seller MyLittleCrochetables, this costume comes in two ways: you can select just the lion hat, which is a handmade marvel of a mane that ties underneath Baby’s chin. Or you can go all in and get the hat and shorts, which come with a braided tail. Obviously, you’re going to need to put some clothes on your not-so-cowardly lion, otherwise they’re going to catch a cold! Look for a onesie that your baby can wear underneath if you’re going to take them outdoors on Halloween. And for the king of the jungle, this costume would be quite cute for newborn pics, too.


Snow White Baby Girl Halloween Costume

Hi ho! It’s off to trick-or-treating you’ll go when Baby dons this adorable Snow White baby costume. The onesie comes with all the classic colors of Snow White’s dress, making it immediately recognizable. It’s full of fun stuff like ruffles and bows while still keeping the costume fairly simple and straightforward. Etsy seller TheAspiringCrafter will even personalize the costume with your baby’s name. The outfit comes with a headband that features a beautiful bow that matches the ones on the bodysuit. You can always carry around an apple as a wink and a nod to the fairy tale, but unless Baby has a tooth or two, no one has to worry about eating it.


Alice in Wonderland Baby Girl Halloween Costume

Curiouser and curiouser! That’s what people will say when they see your sweet baby dressed in this Alice in Wonderland costume. It looks exactly like Alice’s iconic blue dress with white apron and lacey ruffles. Of course, Alice is never seen without her black bow, but you can always fashion one out of some ribbon and tie it around Baby’s head. (Or, you know, just buy one and make it a lot easier on yourself.) And once Halloween is over, this dress can be stored away as a keepsake, or depending on your little one’s age, it can be worn as part of playtime. You can even read some snippets of the Lewis Carroll book, but you might want to avoid that whole “Off with her head!” Queen of Hearts scene.


Baby Ramen Halloween Costume

You ate a lot of Ramen during your pregnancy. A lot. So it makes sense that your little cutie represents your craving in their costume. That’s why this Cute Noodles Ramen costume is just yummy. It features a onesie that looks just like the Cup Noodles logo. And if that weren’t cute enough, the hat, which has faux ramen noodles all over it and bits of carrots and peas, is absolutely delish. While ramen might be quick and easy, with its high sodium content, it’s not necessarily the healthiest thing to eat. But that shouldn’t stop you from nibbling on your kiddo when they wear this costume, though.


Candy Corn Baby Halloween Costume

Candy corn, the sweet treat synonymous with Halloween, comes to life in this candy corn baby Halloween costume. Like so many baby Halloween costumes on Etsy, this one is crocheted, too. Right now, you can get the candy corn hat, since this is a popular seller and the wrap has sold out. But you could always put your baby in a white, orange, or black onesie, and it would still work. Plus, your baby might not want to be wrapped, and might prefer cuddling up against you instead. This candy corn hat just screams to be photographed, though, and you could always snap a shot of baby sleeping among the candy corn, just like in the pic.


Cookie Monster Baby Halloween Costume

Baby might not have the teeth yet to chew on cookies, but that shouldn’t stop you from dressing them up in this Cookie Monster costume. The romper features the beloved Sesame Street monster mid-bite, eating his favorite food on the planet: cookies. But while many people might believe that the big blue guy only eats chocolate chip cookies, as it turns out, Cookie Monster prefers good old fashioned sugar cookies instead, according to ABC News. The costume can be cute not just for Halloween, but also dress up, or if Baby’s first birthday theme is Cookie Monster, they’ll already have their outfit all ready.


Baby Chicken Halloween Costume

Dressing up a baby in an animal costume makes sense on so many levels. Animals are cute, your kid is cute, and combining the two is cuteness overload. If you’re feeling plucky, you might want to pick this baby chicken Halloween costume for your little chickie. You can choose the hat or the costume (or both), and if you do, you’ll get the hat, feathered romper, and booties. The hat is made from soft acrylic yarn, and the romper has real feathers that come up to around the arms so that it won’t irritate your baby’s face. Your little nugget will look just like the real thing, which just might make you want to take a bite out of them.


Very Hungry Caterpillar-Inspired Baby Halloween Costume

At first glance, this might look like a Steve from Blues Clues costume. But it’s the hat that gives it away that it’s the Very Hungry Caterpillar. The crocheted caterpillar costume can be customized to include the onesie (which has six brown feet sticking out from the sides), hat, booties, and mittens — or all of the above. If you’ve been reading the classic Eric Carle book to your baby from the time they were in the belly, you’ll want to dress them up in this outfit that is all about celebrating the different stages in life, and the amazing transformations that can occur during Baby’s 1st year of life.

If you’re looking to see what other baby Halloween costumes are out there, scroll through the sellers on Etsy. You’ll definitely find costumes that offer another level of sweetness, and you’ll be supporting small business owners, (many of whom are women), too. And that, ghoulfriends, is a Halloween homerun.