mom holding baby helping her child hang up baby's first christmas ornaments
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These Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments Are About To Become Your New Family Heirloom

Honestly, they’re tree-rific.

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When you think about it, your Christmas tree can be a visual compendium of your life to date. For example, you might have a few beloved (but totally tattered) Christmas ornaments that hung on your childhood tree, and you might also have a few that you collected as an adult, too. Then, when you got married, you might have some that memorialize your wedding date and anniversaries. So it makes sense that when you welcomed a baby into your life that you’d want to celebrate that special little someone with their very own ornament. And these Baby’s First Christmas ornaments will definitely get a place of honor on your tree this year.

Whether you’re super sentimental or a total minimalist, your baby’s first Christmas ornament is something you’re surely going to save. (Trust me on this.) It’s not so much about the ornament itself (although they can be very, very cute), but it’s about the emotion tied to the object. Never will your child celebrate their very first Christmas and wear a super cute Baby’s 1st Christmas outfit again, and, sigh, they’re never going to be this tiny again. The innocence associated with your child’s first Christmas is incomparable, but once the day is long gone, you can hold all of it in the palm of your hand (and relieve it) again when you purchase your little one’s very own official Christmas ornament — just like the ones below.


A personalized ornament for Baby’s first Christmas

Your baby is your biggest blessing, and your best present. So unwrap some smiles when you hang this personalized Baby’s first Christmas ornament on your tree. It’s made from Etsy seller Kute Kustom Kreations, and the ornament can be personalized with your baby’s name and birth year. The ornament is hand painted in bubble lettering in black ink that won’t smear or smudge. One Etsy reviewer wrote: “Looks even better in person! I got this for my godchild and I know he'll always cherish it. His mother cried when she opened it. It truly is stunning and VERY well made.”


A metal photo ornament

When you first look at this Baby’s first Christmas ornament from Shutterfly, it looks just like a picture printed onto cardstock. But upon closer inspection, you’ll find that the ornament is made from a high-quality coated aluminum. (That’s right, it’s not photo paper.) The ornament, which looks like a gift tag, has two-sided personalization that you can use for photos, text, or both. It comes with a red ribbon to hang it from the tree. And after the holidays are over, you can safely store it in the included soft protective pouch that will prevent your precious ornament from getting scratched.


A rustic ornament

Of course, you want your baby’s first Christmas ornament to stand out, but at the same time, you might not want it to clash with your pre-existing décor. Well, this rustic wreath baby’s first ornament from Zazzle is designed to simultaneously blend in and stand out. You can choose from several different shapes (like a star, oval, square, or even a hexagon), and materials such as ceramic or glass. You can personalize your ornament with Baby’s name and year. A strand of gold thread makes hanging this ornament easy. The only challenge you’ll have is deciding which of the 7,279 photos on your phone you’ll choose to put in the frame.


A baby buggy ornament

There’s nothing cuter than your kid — but this sweet baby girl carriage personalized ornament is right up there. From Personalization Mall, the ornament is handcrafted from resin and hand painted with 3D detail. Your child’s name and two lines of personalization will be added via a laser with the utmost precision. The ornament, which measures 3.15” H x 4.25” W, is imported and includes little sparkly gems on the carriage wheels and by the carriage hood. Because it has such a vintage quality, it’s sure to become a beloved keepsake in your family for many years to come.


An elephant ornament

Animal themes are nothing new for nurseries and baby toys. But of all the animals out there, elephants seem to have the market on all things baby. It’s probably because elephants are known for being excellent mommies, (and hello, Dumbo is just darling). That’s why this baby’s first Christmas ornament featuring a smiling baby elephant is just everything. It can be personalized with your baby’s name (up to 12 characters) and year of birth. The ornament comes with a gold tassel cord that matches the painted gold detail on the baby elephant’s toes. But the gold is not just any ol’ gold; it’s 24 karat gold, which makes this a must-keep keepsake.


Baby shoes ornament

It’s hard not to fall in love with those teeny tiny outfits your baby will wear when they first come home from the hospital. And while you might not save all of them, you’ll most likely save a pair of baby shoes, because, well, they’re so cute. Now you can show off Baby’s other shoes with the booties ornament from Hallmark. The porcelain ornament can be personalized with your child’s name, a date, and even a short message (like Baby’s 1st Christmas, for example). The baby booties ornament comes in its own box that is made for gift giving as well as storage.


A cute animal ornament

For your baby’s first Christmas ornament, you might decide to classic — or cartoony. For an ornament with a lot of color (and charisma), you can’t beat this charming one from Hallmark. It features a cute koala hanging onto a stocking that features the number one and the year. A “My First Christmas” printed onto a heart sticking out of the stocking completes the cuteness. There’s tons of texture on this ornament, from the cable knit look on the stocking to the joey’s outfit — even his ears have added detail. While it comes in a keepsake gift box, this might be one ornament that winds up getting played with since it’s so sweet.


Photo frame ornament

If your tree is adorned in silver and gold, then this silvery frame will fit in just fine with your décor. Made from zinc alloy, you can fit a 2.25” W x 3” H sized photo in the frame, which also features Santa’s favorite reindeer, Rudolph. In fact, the only color that you’ll find on the frame is Rudolph’s red nose. The frame is engraved with the words “Baby’s first Christmas”, and for a frame like this, it would be best to put in a black and white image to keep with the classic and timeless look.


Celestial baby ornament

You’re absolutely over the moon for your baby. So choose this simply understated yet totally elegant Baby’s First Moon and Star Ornament from Pottery Barn Kids. It’s made from stainless steel and finished in nickel. It hangs from a velvet ribbon, so you won’t have to worry about finding a hook that could potentially scratch that sweet star which is engraved with the words “Baby’s first Christmas”. It’s definitely a keepsake ornament that you could, in theory, use for future siblings, since it doesn’t have any identifying dates or names. And in that way, by bringing out the ornament as your family grows, you’ll be creating a new (and lovely) tradition.


Baby’s first Christmas ornament for the whole family

There’s something so warm and welcoming about this set of three Baby’s first Christmas ornaments. They’re made from premium wood and a high-quality laser is used to engrave your family’s names, dates, or some other significant wording. Red hanging ribbons and aluminum swirls are included to help make hanging them simple and sweet. The ornaments come in a printed gift box that reads “Merry Christmas 2022”, which you can use to gift to a new mom, or if it’s for your own family, store the ornaments for years to come.


Toy-themed Christmas ornament

Your baby might just be learning to crawl but once they’re mobile, they’re going to want a set of wheels like the one in this precious ornament. The ornament comes with a standard “First Christmas” on top and can be customized with your child’s name on the bottom, and the year on the side of the car door. The added Christmas tree on top is very reminiscent of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and the ornament itself is made from porcelain and measures 3” W x 3” H. This is one keepsake ornament that you’ll want to keep putting on your tree year after year.


An ornament that just screams “keepsake”

For a Baby’s first Christmas ornament that looks like royalty, you can’t go wrong with this rattle from Hallmark. Sold on Amazon, the rattle is made with premium silver-toned metal and has a delicate filigree design. A baby blue bow is tied at the base, and at the bottom, you’ll find a charm with the date 2022 stamped on it. “Baby’s 1st Christmas” wraps around the front of the rattle, which will sparkle and shine once it’s hanging from your tree. Be sure to preserve this keepsake in the already-included box so that Baby doesn’t get confused and tries to bang (or gnaw) on it.


A Baby’s first Christmas ornament that honors pregnancy loss

You can’t look at this sweet Baby’s first Christmas ornament and not see some religious symbolism (i.e. Jesus in the manger). And that’s what makes this beautiful ornament from Joseph’s Studio so tender and touching. It’s made from resin and features a sleeping baby wrapped in what appears to be fluttery wings. Note: Some Amazon reviewers purchased this ornament in honor of the babies whom they lost due to pregnancy loss. Says one: “I bought it in remembrance of my son who was stillborn earlier this year. The angel wings just seemed so perfect for my angel baby!”

As you’re decorating your Christmas tree, make room for the ornament of honor this year: a special ornament recognizing your baby’s first Christmas. Whether you trim your tree with it, or store it away for future generations, there’s nothing like celebrating this milestone with an ornament that symbolizes the love you have for your little one.