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These Bat Coloring Pages Are So Cute & Totally Free

For days when you’re just hanging around the house

Personally, I am definitely not a fan of bats, but for some reason, a lot of kids have an unwavering fascination with them. If your child is one of those kids, then they’d probably enjoy getting a stack of bat coloring pages to fill in on a rainy day (or any day, really). You don’t even have to shell out money to do this, either, because there are a bunch of free pages you can print right at home.

After discovering bats in a storage closet off of my bedroom not long ago, I want to stay as far away from them as possible. So, if my daughters came to me and asked if I’d get them some bat coloring pages, there’s a good chance I’d gasp and say, “too soon” in response, regardless of how long it had been since my unpleasant experience. However, if they’re going to insist on coloring pictures of bats, I’d certainly rather print some off for free at home than spend money on a huge coloring book filled with bats. I’d probably also have to set some strict boundaries about where and how many completed bat coloring pages they were allowed to display in our home (I can just see those beady eyes staring at me from the fridge now).

While I may be one of the unlucky few to discover bats in her home, I know I’m not the only adult who would rather not invest their money into a bat-themed coloring book. So, if you’re on the hunt for a few free bat coloring pages of your own, here are some to choose from.


Bats On Bats Coloring Page

I’m not sure what challenge would be harder for a kid, coloring all of these bats in or trying to count how many they can find on this page. Either way, there is plenty on this bat coloring page to keep them occupied for a while. If they need a little bit more of a challenge, have them fill in each bat with a different color crayon or marker, or go even further by asking them to use various shades of blues, purples, or greys and blacks (assuming you have the jumbo crayon box, of course). This way, if you have to hang up the completed picture in your house, you can focus on the artistic touch instead of the creepy bats.


Smiling Bat Coloring Page

Well, if this bat doesn’t make you want to smile, I don’t know what will. This coloring page is great for preschoolers who are mastering coloring inside the lines because it has lots of details that aren’t terribly small, so they’ll be able to maneuver their crayons and markers easily (and their face will be full of pride when they’ve finished the project). Even if your little one is already a pro at staying inside the lines, they’ll still enjoy coloring this page because there is plenty of space for creativity, and did I mention how cute this little bat is?


“B” Is For Bat Coloring Page

With this bat coloring page, your kid gets a fun activity and an educational lesson (and who doesn’t love a two-in-one deal?). One of the best ways to teach the different letters of the alphabet is by assigning an object to each letter of the alphabet. Usually, it’s pretty common for kids to associate the letter “B” with something like “ball” or “bird,” but I think “bat” is way cooler. While they’re working on coloring in the page, you can chat about other things that start with the letter “B” or even exchange some fun bat facts to take the lesson even further.


Upside Down Bat Coloring Page

Usually, if I came across a sleeping bat, I’d run away in pure terror, but I think my reaction would be a lot less dramatic if it were this bat. Who could be scared of a cute little face like this? In all honesty, despite the fact that real-life bats are nowhere near this cute, I shouldn’t be scared of bats in general because they do a lot of good for humans. For instance, their dinner of choice is typically bugs, specifically mosquitos, which most of us would rather not have crawling around and biting us. So, maybe I could stand to appreciate the creatures a little more, even if I wish they looked more like this coloring page.


Scary Bat Coloring Page

For the artists who want their work to invoke a feeling, this scary bat will definitely do the trick (I know I am feeling quite nervous looking at it, at least). It’s also a good pick for a kid who is up to the challenge of turning something horrifying into something cute (good luck to them). However, if you present this picture to them and their reaction is not as positive as you had hoped, calm them down by sharing some trivia facts with them like how, contrary to popular belief, bats really aren’t blind at all but smaller species simply have better success hunting using echolocation than they do with their eyes.


Graveyard Bat Coloring Page

Perfect for passing the time on dreary days and nights around Halloween, this bat coloring page features a few objects that have become synonymous with the spooky season, like a graveyard and a full moon. Despite being perched on top of a grave marker, the bat in this picture looks relatively happy (probably since it is definitely in its own element), but it’s hard to tell if its really just a vampire in disguise. Little artists will enjoy this bat coloring page no matter what their skill level is because it has a good balance of small details and large spaces, both of which are great for creativity.


Garden Bats Coloring Page

In life, we’re constantly told to take some time to stop and smell the roses, and that is exactly what these two little bats seem to be doing in this picture. Honestly, we could all probably learn a thing or two from them. Aside from the life lesson this coloring page offers, it’s also a good option if you’re looking for a picture that has a more realistic look to it, but isn’t so realistic that it will scare your kids. There are just enough details that keep this from looking too much like a cartoon and the landscape and flowers help all the more to create a more real-life image.


Happy Bat Coloring Page

This bat gives me mixed feelings. On one hand, based on those big eyes and smile it’s obviously a very happy bat. But on the other hand, look at those talons coming out of the wings. While those claws may be sharp (and look very intimidating), they’re actually the bat’s thumbs, according to National Geographic. Bats use their thumbs to help them climb and hang onto trees and to help them eat. So, rather than being completely scared of them, one could argue that those big talons are actually just a bat’s way of giving you two very enthusiastic thumbs up.


Flying High Bat Coloring Page

There’s nothing wrong with doing a little late-night treetop flying, right? Since bats are nocturnal, it makes perfect sense that this little one seems to be doing just that (and appears to be really enjoying itself). Little artists can have a lot of fun coloring in this page, especially if they’re working on staying inside the lines. For older kids who’ve already mastered that skill, have them try to color it in with watercolors and see if they can create a cool multi-colored night sky or fill in the tree with shades of orange, yellow, and brown to make it look like a fall night.


Bat Outline Coloring Page

Little kids who need a lot of space to color, or kids with big imaginations will get a lot out of this bat coloring page. Since there are very few boundaries, there is plenty of room for creativity (or scribbles). If you’re doing some spooky decorating, this coloring page also offers the perfect outline for cutting out individual bats. Have your kids decorate them using crayons, markers, watercolors, and even some glitter if you’re feeling really brave, then hang them up in windows or create a collage on the wall to look like a whole family of bats is flying your way.


Family Of Bats Coloring Page

Bats travel together in colonies, so it wouldn’t be unusual to see five bats like these flying through the night. While a lot of us would probably shudder at the idea, a lot of farmers would actually be overjoyed to see something like this headed towards their fields. This is because insects can cause a lot of damage to growing crops, but since bats eat bugs, they help protect all of those fruits and veggies farmers are trying to grow. In fact, thanks to bats farmers don’t have to rely as much on pesticides to keep their food in tip top shape for consumers.


Hanging Bat Coloring Page

Nothing to see here, this bat is just hanging out. That hanging actually has a name, it’s called roosting, which means resting. And, do you know why bats roost upside down? If so, could you let an animal science expert know, because so far none of them have been able to pinpoint exactly why bats rest hanging upside down like this. Their best guess is that since bats have to “fall into flight” this position allows them to flee from predators and get into flight easier. It’s just a hypothesis, though, so ask your little one what their theory is while they’re coloring this picture. Maybe they will have a better idea.


Adorable Bat Coloring Page

Not only would I not run away screaming if I saw this bat in the wild, but I’d also probably try to take it home with me to be my pet. It’s probably a good thing there aren’t any bats that are quite this cute, though, because they’re not meant to be pets. As great as they are for the environment, bats also tend to carry a lot of disease with them, including rabies, which can be harmful to humans. Thankfully, that’s not a concern if all you have in your house is a cute coloring picture of a bat, and not the actual animal, which is good news since any kid who has a weakness for cute animals will have a blast coloring in this sweet baby bat.


Snuggled Up Bat Coloring Page

Here’s another picture of a roosting bat, just snuggled up and minding its own business. The cute and cozy bat is enough to make this coloring page stand out, but it’s also a great option for kids who enjoy projects with a lot of details and opportunities to get really creative. Between the leaves, stars, clouds, and the bat itself, there are plenty of things for kids to color in on this page. Plus, what bat-loving kid would complain about adding some colorful personality to a picture that starts out looking this adorable? All their artistic touch will do is make the picture that much better.


Laughing Bat Coloring Page

What do you think has this bat laughing so hard? This is a good question to ask your kids while they’re coloring the page. You can also use this perfect opportunity to test out some bat jokes on the kids to see if you can get them laughing just as much as the bat in the picture. Don’t know any bat jokes? No problem, try this one from LaffGaff: “Why are vampire bats like false teeth? They both come out at night.” If you’re lucky, maybe your kids will come up with some funny bat-themed jokes of their own to share with you.


Realistic Bat Coloring Page

Here is a realistic-looking bat coloring page that would make a great activity for kids who are learning about the animal (or who just happen to prefer pictures like this over cartoony ones). Since there are more than 1,300 species of bats, it’s hard to guess which exactly this picture is supposed to be depicting, but you can definitely make a fun game out of comparing the coloring page to some real-life photos you find through a Google search. Once you find a bat that looks similar to the one on the coloring page, challenge the kids to color the picture in to make it look as realistic as possible.


Betsy Bat Coloring Page

Kids (or grown-ups) who are looking for a bat coloring page that will take them a while to completely fill in can give this one a try. While it’s not quite as intricate as typical adult coloring pages are, there are still so many details in this picture to focus on. For instance, look at all of the little swirls and curves in the moons, the little designs in each one of the stars, the details in the bat’s bows, and the complexity of its necklace. Suffice to say, just because it’s not technically an adult coloring page doesn’t mean it is easy.


Silly Bat Coloring Page

This bat is looking a little perplexed, don’t you think? I have no idea what has him so confused, but I doubt that will concern a little kid who is eager to color and work on staying inside the lines, which this coloring page is perfect for. Also, since this bat’s eyes are the show stoppers of this picture, you can use it as an opportunity to talk about bats eyesight (because, no, they are not blind) and explain what it means to be a nocturnal animal. It’s like a science lesson and art project all rolled into one activity.


Intimidating Bat Coloring Page

There is something very creepy going through this bat’s head, and I am not a fan of it. Kids who love a good bat coloring page, however, will have no problem dismissing the sinister look on this bat’s face. You can still try to get to the bottom of what’s going on in this picture while the kids are busy coloring it in by having them come up with their own little stories for their pictures. In the end, you’ll likely end up being surprised by their creativity, and it will certainly be fun to find out how wildly different each kid’s story is from the others.


Cute Little Bat Coloring Page

Of all the bat coloring pages out there, this is among the very best (and cutest). It’s an especially great option for younger kids because there is plenty of space for them to practice coloring inside the lines. If they’ve already mastered that skill, level it up a bit by having them fill it in with paint instead, since the fine motor skills needed to stay inside the lines with a paintbrush are a little more advanced than with a crayon. Regardless of the method, it probably won’t be hard to talk your kid into coloring in this page anyway simply because this is probably one of the most adorable and least-most-threatening bats they’ll ever see.

If you print out these pages and make a one-of-a-kind bat coloring book for your kid, you’re sure to be dubbed the “cool adult” for the day and get a little peace and quiet while they diligently work on their little masterpieces. Just remember that for every coloring page your kid completes, they will probably ask where they can put it on display for everyone to see, so you could have a bat infestation of your own if you’re not careful.